Boo: The Spooky Warrior is an RPG for the DS and is the second game in the Koopa Warriors series. In this game, a Boo named Boomer is coming home from a party and finds his family gone. Boomer sets out to find his family and defeat the person responsible. Boomer must use his Ghostly Powers and Magic Skills to find his Family.



One night, Boomer was coming home from a party. When he arrived at his house, he found it lit on fire. When the Fire Fighters arrived, they gave Boomer a report on his house, and told Boomer that it was structurally sound, but some things inside are scorched. Boomer thanked them and walked inside. He found a note addressed to his sister, Boodil, saying that she must give a gem to him (an anonymous person), or have --. The rest of the note is scorched. Boomer asks the police how the fire was caused and they tell boomer that it was probably caused by a Fire Magiblot. Boomer then asks if there are any bodies, and they tell Boomer that there were no bodies, and that whoever caused the fire probably kidnapped Boomer's family. Boomer thanks the police and sets out on his quest to find his family.

Chapter 1 - The Hunt

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