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Boo: The Spooky Warrior is an RPG for the DS and is the 3rd game in the Koopa Warriors series. In this game, a Boo named Sam is coming home from a party and finds his family gone. Sam sets out to find his family and defeat the person responsible. Sam must use his Ghostly Powers and Magic Skills to find his Family.

Chapter 1: The Hunt

After recovering from the shock, Sam is wondering what to do when a voice speaks to him. The voice says he was Sam's conscience and will guide him across the planet to rescue his family . So he sets out towards Deep Deep Ocean and the adventure begins. As Sam travels he is attacked by a giant red beetle. Sam is afraid, but his conscience tells him that he doesn't have to be. Sam battles the giant monster (it was a tutorial) and a strange, purple light comes out of the monster's body and flies towards Sam and Sam gains his first Spell. Sam continues forward and finds a boulder blocking his path, he is discouraged but his conscience tells him to think about the purple light that flew in to his body. Sam does this and the boulder smashes into pieces. Sam is amazed by the power he was given and sets onward. (to be continued)

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