Boo-Boo MM3
Boo Boo's appearance from McBoo's Mansion 3.
Full Name Boo-Boo McBoo
Current Age 2
Gender Male
Location TBA
Current Status Alive
Class Allie
Family and Relations
Mummy (mother)
Papah (father)
McBoo (big bother)
Main Weapon(s) Cry
Vulnerable To Vacuums, Stomps
Latest Appearance McBoo's Mansion Wii

Boo-Boo McBoo is McBoo's 2-year old baby brother, son of Mummy and Papah. He is a light pink boo that first appeared in McBoo's Mansion 3. He has a bad habit of getting hurt all the time. He is also was a cousin of Chauncey, a spoiled baby.


McBoo's Mansion 3

Character Name Description
Boo-Boo MM3 Boo-Boo McBoo's little brother that he lost a while back. Boo-Boo was killed along with his whole family by a strange creature that is off to kill them for good. Boo-Boo is known to get hurt a lot, resulting a lot of crying after.