Bonnie's Tropical Rainforest is the second stage in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. It includes Nights 6-10, although marked as "Bonnie's Tropical Rainforest Night 1" for Night 6, "Bonnie's Tropical Rainforest Night 2" for Night 7, et cetera. The basic layout is similar to Freddy's Amazing Circus, only you have a window in front of your office for the main hall, vents on both sides replacing the doors, and a Bonnie mask instead of a Freddy mask.



Night 1

"Hello? Hello? It's me again! Welcome to the second section, called Bonnie's Tropical Rainforest. You did a good job on deactivating those animatronics! Although, we found a deactivated Freddy in your office who looked almost... Dead... Uh, unfortunately, you have no doors here... Just vents, and a hallway. You also have a Bonnie mask now instead of a Freddy mask... Bonnie's the purple bunny, by the way... Let's see, there are new animatronics here. Shawn is a sloth animatronic. You think that means he's slow, right? Well, yes and no. He goes from the slowest animatronic to one of the fastest animatronics because, with fake animatronic animals, we have fake trees, which have fake leaves. And that fake animatronic sloth likes to eat those fake leaves, which for some reason make that fake animatronic sloth a lot faster. Now, next, there's Leo and Tyler. They attack extremely differently, but they look extremely alike. The main difference is that Leo has yellow- well, almost golden- fur. Tyler actually tries to help you. His cameras are damaged, so he sees you as an animatronic when you aren't wearing the Bonnie mask. So, don't wear the Bonnie mask if you see an orange animatronic. If you see Leo, however, wear the Bonnie mask. He will destroy you if you don't. Bonnie is immune to the Bonnie mask, like Freddy was immune to the Freddy mask. He'll come through the top vent. Try flashing the light repeatedly if you see him. Let's see, any more animatronics! Oh, right, Tara the tarantula. She's just a basic animatronic, but she can appear in any vent or room because of her amazing crawling skills or something else that's incredibly convenient for her. Anyways, good luck tonight adjusting to their patterns... You'll need it..."

- Phone Guy's speech on Night 1/Night 6

Bonnie, Shawn, Leo, and Tara are active on this night.

Night 2

Night 3

Night 4

Night 5

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