Bonehead is an undead skeleton from Athamia who was cursed by The Enemy. He is a host in Hark & Flame.

History Edit

In Athamia, Bonehead had been a servant to the king. When The Enemy cursed the whole city and everybody in it, Bonehead gained a curse which made him incapable of dying for any reason.

In the chaos which came after the curse, the king used his secret entrance to the city to allow him and those close to him, including Bonehead, to escape. After escaping, however, The Enemy found them and killed most of them, except the few whose curses he found entertaining. As he had just made Bonehead unable to die, he decided to instead send him to the Fantendoverse, where he drifted in space for hundreds of years, where his skin decayed over time until he was left as only a skeleton.

Trivia Edit