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Bone Piranha Plant

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Dry Piranha Plant

Bone Piranha Plant (or Dry Piranha Plant) is a Mario Subspecies, derivated from Piranha Plants. They are the dead versions of them. They usually appear in Castle and Fortress levels of New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Games Appearances

New Super Mario Bros. Delta

Bone Piranha Plants are always in the Castle and Fortress levels and sometimes in the Ghost Houses. They are the dead versions of Piranha Plants and can be killed with a Star or a hit with a Tanooki-tail hit.

Mario Kart Prima

Bone Piranha Plants are typical enemies of course in some circuits like Bowser Castle and Dry-Dry Temple. They are usually in the sides of the roads where they try to eat the kart drivers. They can be killed with a Tanooki-tail hit or running over it with a Star.

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