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Help you? Who are you kiddin', chump? Once a Blaster, always a Blaster!
Bomfrey, Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue

Bomfrey is a navy blue Bob-omb that was once a member of a squad issued by Corundum and Quartz. However, Bomfrey later decided that he disliked working with them anyway and joined Mario on his quest to defeat Corundum and Quartz.


Default attack: Detonate
FP: 0
Description: Walks up to an enemy and detonates.
Action Command: Hold down A.
Weaknesses: No known weaknesses.

Default attack: Smoke Shrouder
FP: 4
Description: Shrouds Mario and himself in smoke so attacks might miss them.
Action command: Press and release A with perfect timing.
Weaknesses: No known weaknesses.

Level A attack: Double Bomb
FP: 5
Description: Bombs one enemy with double the damage dealt.
Action command: Repeatedly tap A.
Weaknesses: Does not work on enemies at higher elevations.

Level S attack: Triple Bomb
FP: 9
Description: Bombs all enemies.
Action command: Repeatedly tap A.
Weaknesses: Deals less damage to airborne enemies than to ground-bound ones.

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