Bomberto is a Bob-omb who first appeared as a hungry sailor who place a trouble request at the trouble centre in Rogueport, his wife hadn't filled up his lunchbox so Mario got him some food and Bomberto gave him 11 coins.

Bomberto is again hungry when he runs into Kolorado although this time he says that he is craving some Cake from Toad Town, if Kolorado goes back to Toad Town and finds Tayce T. and gives her the cake recipe he will get a piece of cake to give to Bomberto.

Bomberto gobbles up the cake and volunteers to join up with Kolorado, his special ability is to naturally blow stuff up as he is a Bob-Omb. He is extremely explosive and goes off frequently. He often says that he is hungry but never asks for food again as he is too "masculine".

If you are with Bomberto when you go and speak to Mario than they two old aquantinces achnowledge each other, he also asks Peach for some food, she politely gives him a piece of cake as well, it has no status effects.

Showing off his muscles

Bomberto first appeared in Paper Mario and the thousand year door as a minor NPC however this time he became a proper partner, an optional one though. He was rather difficult to acquire as you had to go from Rogueport to Toad Town meaning if you couldn't teleport you had to go a fair distance. He could blow things up outside of battle and in!


Attack Koopy Points Needed Effect To Attack Bomberto's Hit Points Attack Power Move Ranks
Bomb None Attacks single enemy Hold down the A Button to fill the gauge. Level 1: 20
Level 2: 30
Level 3: 40
Level 1: 1-4
Level 2: 2-5
Level 3: 3-6
Bomb Squad 3 Releases 3 time bombs that'll explode after 1 turn. Press A with the proper timing. Level 1: 20
Level 2: 30
Level 3: 40
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: 3
Level 3: 3
Hold Fast 4 Direct-attackers that touch Bomberto get damaged in battle. Press A as the stars light up. Level 2: 30
Level 3: 40
N/A Super Rank
Bob-Ombast 9 Damages all enemies in battle. Press A repeatedly to fill the gauge. Level 3: 40 Level 1: N/A
Level 2: N/A
Level 3: 8
Ultra Rank

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