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Bomberman Superstars Tennis is in the sports district in Fun Dimension Inc. and another game for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.


From Start

  • Hero White(White Bomberman)
  • Black Bomberman
  • Giant Gold Bomberman
  • (New)Ranking Red Bomberman
  • Bomb-Omb(3DS only)
  • (New)Crazy Cyan Bomberman
  • (New)Loving Lavender Bomberman


  • (New)Paper White Bomberman(Win Lavender Cup)
  • Manemon(VR only)(Win Confetti Cup)
  • (Wii U And 3DS Only)Big Bomb-Omb(Win Confetti Cup)
  • Shroob-Omb(Win Great Cosmos Cup)
  • Prince Of all Cosmos(Win Keron Cup)
  • (New)Rocking Rainbow Bomberman(Win Bomb Cup)


Mix Between Mario Tennis Open and Bomberman Land DS.


  • Purple Plains
  • Confetti Sea
  • The Great Cosmos
  • The Prince's Playroom
  • The Gigantic UFO
  • (Secret)The King Of All Cosmo's Stomach
  • (Secret)Bomb-Omb Battlefield)


  • Lavender Cup
  • Confetti Cup
  • Great Cosmos Cup
  • Keron Cup
  • Bomb Cup

Story Mode

Coming Soon


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