Bomberman 2012 is an upcoming game for the Wii U, but developers are looking for other platforms to port the game over to. It was developed by Bomb Bit Games. The game features both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, and it greatly resembles Bomberman 64.


The game opens with a shot of a purple planet from outer space. Just then, a green planet clashes into it! The purple planet spins out of orbit, and into outer space. The planet has 5 moons.

It was another relaxing and peaceful day on Planet Bomber, when suddenly the sky went dark. The planet from the previous scene has stopped spinning out of orbit directly in between the Sun and Planet Bomber! White Bomber must now travel to each moon and collect all 5 of the Light Gems and return them to the mysterious planet. Only then, can the planet start orbit again, and return light to the citizens of Planet Bomber.


The gameplay is very similar to that of Bomberman 64. At the beginning of the game, White Bomber starts out with the Bomb Kick and the Power Glove abilities already equipped, without needing to find them as power-ups.


Zone Name Zone Description Zone Final Boss

White Bomber must travel through the rooftops of the huge industrial area of Mooncity. The city is crawling with criminals. Get the Light Gem from the nuke-happy maniac, Nelly while fighting off the city's goons!

Nuke 'em Nelly
Pterozone Turns out the 2nd moon isn't really a moon at all. It's just a bunch of clouds. Run on clouds quickly or you'll fall right through! Ride on the backs of giant birds, and drop bombs at the evil Pterodactyls below. Find a way to get to the heart of this cloudy world, and take the Light Gem from the King of Pterodactyls! King Ptero
Candyzone Is this... Is this a giant mountain made of ice cream and candy? Why does this even exist? Oh well, I'd better get to the top. Oh, looks like I have competition. (Race the Ice Climbers to the top of the mountain, dodging avalanches the whole way and defeat them in battle. The Light Gem is on top, and they want it too). Ice Climbers
Lavazone A normal town is being terrorized by an evil being named Infurnace. People are taking refuge on rooftops while he spreads molten lava throughout the streets, burning everything. Travel through the rooftops dodging Infurnace's fireballs and not falling into the lava below. Just drop a couple bombs on his head from above and that Light Gem is yours! Infurnace
Cavezone Help Steve rid himself of this pesky dragon! It keeps taking all his precious gems he's just finished mining. Especially that really light and shiny one. Wait, oh.... (Travel to the end of the cave and defeat the Enderdragon and get the Light Gem). Enderdragon
Bomberzone It's a dark counterpart to Planet Bomber. Everyone here is mean and violent. Travel through the streets of Bomberzone while dodging False versions of different Bombermen. Go to your house and defeat your False self to get this zone's Light Gem. False White Bomberman
Creditzone This is a hidden zone. After beating the game, it takes you to the credits. If you perform a certain code with the controller, White Bomberman will appear in the background of the credits. A menu will appear with a list of enemies you can spawn to fight. (Final bosses included). Player's Choice


There is a battle mode and a team mode in multiplayer. Up to four people can play. If the platform allows it (some platforms don't have an SD slot), you can use custom Bombermen and other texture packs in battle mode via SD card.

Battle Mode

The Battle Mode for Bomberman 2012 is very similar to that of Bomberman 64. The objective of the game is to blow up all other players with bombs and be the last one standing. You can choose a zone to play on. You can choose whether you want the battle grounds to be free-roam, or a box-based system.

Once you die, you turn into a ghost. Ghost can take control of another player (that isn't already a ghost) for a very brief time.

Team Mode

Up to four people can play Team Mode, but no more than three people can be on one team. The objective is to steal the opposing team's Light Gem. If a player dies in Team Mode, he/she simply comes back to life, unlike in Battle Mode.

The team with the most Light Gems when the timer runs out is the winner. Throughout the game, unclaimed Light Gems are spawned in random places on the battlefield every now and then.

Easter Eggs

  • In the opening scene, the planet that hit the purple planet was actually Cerinia 2 from Star Fox: Unite. (Another game developed by Bomb Bit Games). Falco's arwing can be seen flying away from the impact.
  • Cavezone was entirely based on Minecraft.
  • In Battle Mode, Green Bomber's bombs are different from the other Bombermen's. They are the bombs seen in Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

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