Bombella 3D
The explosive female Boo.
Full Name Bombella
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location Mushroom Grasslands
Current Status Undead
Main Weapon(s) Explosive powers
First Appearance Bomb Frenzy
Latest Appearance Super Mario Smash Bros.
Bombella is a main character in the Bombell series. She's also a Boo fusioned between a Bomb Boo and a Bob-omb. However, it is unknown how she obtained her power and aspect, as well as her story. The only known thing about her story is that she was also a normal Bomb Boo. Bombella is Bombell's girlfriend.


Bombella looks similar to Bombell, but she has pink eyes, teeth and lines, as well as a fuse. Her lines are also heart-like and she has a small mouth.

Game Appearances

Bomb Frenzy

Bombella debuts and appears as a main character in Bomb Frenzy. She and Bombell fell in love and became a couple in this game. She's also playable.

Mutant Riot

Bombella appears as a non-playable character in Mutant Riot. However, her role as a NPC is still unknown.

Super Mario Smash Bros.

Bombella, along with Bombell, Booster, Stanley and Benjamin, appears as a Downloadable Playable Character in Super Mario Smash Bros.

Interactions with other Characters


Bombell is Bombella's boyfriend. They became in love and later a couple in Bomb Frenzy when they saved her from some Bombx that were attacking her. Then, she joined Bombell.


Booster and Bombella are seem to be good friends. They are often seen talking and sharing with Bombell.


Bombella and Stanley are seem to be good friends.


Benjamin and Bombella are also seem to be good friends.


Just like the others, Bombella dislikes Shadem, as well as his purposes. So she joined Bombell to stop Shadem and his plans.