Full Name Bombast
Current Age 19
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Explosions
Ability/ies Can attack w/ explosions
War Cry
Proxy Mines
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Shards of Time

Bombast is a character who debuts in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time. He is the fifth Party Member to be recruited.


Physical Description

Bombast looks similar to normal Bob-Ombs, except he has a dark blueish hue, and wears a red headband.


His Field Ability makes him walk a short distance and then blow up any cracked rocks or cracked walls next to him to reveal hidden paths (and, more rarely, hidden items). You can press the Field Ability button again to make him explode prematurely. Mario also puts him over his head before setting him down, allowing him to set Bombast on ledges.


No Rank305
Super Rank3510
Ultra Rank4015
Omega Rank5025


NameDesc.Base Dmg.No# of HitsEffectTarget(s)Action Cmd.Flower Pts.Rank
TackleSlam into the enemy.2 (Normal rank)
3 (Super rank)
4 (Ultra rank)
5 (Omega rank)
1Damages foe.Any ground-bound foe.Press and hold "A" until the big button lights up.0Start
BombExplode next to the enemy.3 (Normal rank)
4 (Super rank)
5 (Ultra rank)
6 (Omega rank)
1Damages foe.Any ground-bound foe.Press "A" repeatedly.3Start
War CryYell loudly to boost the fighting spirit.NoneNoneRaises Bombast's ATK by 2 for 3 turns. Raises ATK by 3 w/ War Band equipped.Self 5Super
Proxy MineThrows three proximity mines at the foe. 3 (depends if they are close enough to the foe)Damages foe after 2 turns.Any ground-bound foe. 5Ultra
KA-BEEWWWM!Raze all enemies in a massive explosion.7-10 (depending on how much the attack was charged)1Damages foe.All foes.Press "A" and "B" alternatively to charge up power.8Omega


War BandA fire-patterned headband.Bombast's War Cry raises his ATK by 3 instead of 2.


Bombast has a big heart to go with his short fuse. He tends to lose his temper easily.

He defected from Bowser because he did not like being evil.



  • The name of his Omega Rank attack is an obvious reference to TF2's Demoman.

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