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Bombarica Is a place in the Mushroom Kingdom.


In 1989 CD Fell off of a Koopalings Airship and landed in a grassy plains he then saw another Bob-omb there! that bob-omb had been there for 2 days and so that bomb became...King Ka-Bomb "Boom". after five years ove 5000 bob-bombs now lived there and that number fell when there was a Massvie fire which killed 100 bombs!.To this day there are a total of 5189 bombs living there!.


  • Blue Bob-ombs
  • Yellow Bob-ombs
  • Green Bob-ombs
  • Ice-Bombs
  • Grass-Bombs
  • White Bob-ombs
  • Purple Bob-ombs
  • Golden Bob-ombs
  • Shroob-ombs
  • Silver Bob-omb

Notable residents!


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