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Bomb Yoshi is one of Yoshi's formes via by eating Bomb Grapes.

Bomb Yoshi
Art by 10 Brave Kirbys (tbc)
Main Weapon(s) Bombs
Ability/ies Throwing Bombs, Bomb Charge
First Appearance Super Mario Land 3D


Bomb Yoshi has the power to throw unlimited bombs that explode on contact for a short amount of time. However these bombs aren't as strong as normal thrown Bomb-ombs. Yoshi can only throw two bombs until one or both explode. Yoshi can also hold and charge a bomb to make it bigger so it will make a stronger, bigger explosion. If a bomb is charged for too long it will blow up on Yoshi, hurting him. Charged bombs will not explode on contact and will sit there until a short time has elapsed.


Super Mario Land 3D

In Super Mario Land 3D Bomb Yoshi has the same powers minus the giant bomb throw.

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