Bomb Throw is Bomberman's Standard Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. When the Special Attack button is pressed, Bomberman will throw a bomb torwards the direction he is facing. The bomb does not explode instantly. Instead, it explodes after 3–4 seconds, similarly to Snake's Grenade. The bomb is affected by gravity, it is large and is also very heavy, which is useful if even thrown on an opponent. The bomb can also be picked up by other opponents. The explosion which occurs from the bomb has very good knockback and inflicts up to 20% damage. However, it changes depending on the distance the opponent is from the explosion. The attack can also be angled, just before Bomberman throw the bomb, to determine how far will Bomberman throw the bomb.
Bomb throw

Bomb Throw


MSX - Bomberman (1983)

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