The Bomb is an item that made its appearance in David Racing. The Bomb is accessed after passing through a ? Box and when gained, racers have the ability to throw a bomb at other racers. When the bomb is hit then the racer who got caught with the explosion spins around in the air.


David Racing

The Bomb debuted in David Racing and can be received when going through a ? Box. When gained then the racer can throw the bomb at any direction to any other racer or group of racers, and when someone gets caught in the explosion they spin around in the air. Bombs usually take 4–5 seconds to explode. Another form of the Bomb is the Omega Bomb and it's an item that only people in low places can gain. When passing a ? Box and if the Omega Bomb is gained then the racer can send the Omega Bomb at the person at 1st place at him/her.

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