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Bomb-Bay logo
Bom-Bay's console.
Developer(s) In Fandom:
Real creators:
Console Type Home Console
Backward Compatibility Nintendo Wii
Forward Compatibility None
Online Play
Motion Activation
Changeable Menu

Two of the prototype designs for the Bom-Bay.

The Bom-Bay (Spelled as Bomb-Bay in PAL regions) is a system developed by Subarashii. It was originally created as a system which has many motion activated features (NOTE: This idea was being made, at least a year before the Kinect was announced), including waving a finger in front of a scanner to turn on the system (or just pressing a button) and having the ability to scan paper to create characters in-game, which you can see on the "Drawing Box".


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Land Mine(mobile bom(b)-bay)


The Land mine is a portable version of the bom(b)-bay and is a cross between the Nintendo DS and the Play Station Portable.



The Bomb-Bay(Bom-Bay) controller will have mant different skins but the controller will look like thisController

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