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Developer(s) Morandal Games
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco
Director(s) Scott Edwin Williams
Platform(s) Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Hack-n-slash, action adventure
Release Date(s)
March 2016
Campaign, Competitve Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
M (Blood & Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)
Engine Unreal Engine 4

"Call of Duty meets Devil May Cry"

Bolverk is a science-fiction hack-n-slash game released by Morandal Games in 2016. It is considered to be Call of Duty meets Devil May Cry due to the fact it plays like Devil May Cry except the enemies are instead consist of military and robots.


The game plays more like Devil May Cry, where you have a plasma sword that is used for melee combat. Unlike other games this genre, you have a shield with you to block and reflect attacks. You can also pick up various guns, but they can run out of ammo unlike most games this genre and you can only hold 2.

Unlike Morandal Blade, this does not run on pure skill. (where there's no customization): Bolverk, the fighting android sent by PhophyTech Laboratories, can have armor upgrades and weapon upgrades. The challenge is, although most enemies do minor to moderate damage to you, is that your health never regenerates, and there are no pickups except for guns and ammo. The sword does the most damage aside from the grenade launcher and the plasma rifle. All robots are very resistant to regular gunfire and are best destroyed with combos, plasma, or explosive attacks. Enemies appear much more often in this game. You can get an S in combos, S in time, and S for finesse.

You can parry against robots to do heavy damage to them. You can't parry ranged machine gun attacks or rockets. You cannot parry the following things:

  • Any type of gunfire
  • Corrosive melee weapons
  • Explosive bombs that would hit you

There is multiplayer involving players playing as Bolverk androids fighting each other in various matches such as deathmatch, capture the flag, zone domination.


A team known as the Chronos Phoenix, has discovered a rare mineral. The mineral's powers were able to empower the one who uses those weapons. The Chronos Phoenix's goal is to use that mineral to plan out world domination.

PhophyTech Laboratories, a company located in California had discovered that one of their buildings overseas had been raided and the mineral had been stolen. PhophyTech Laboratories only had one weapon against them, an battle android called the Bolverk which is armed with heavy armor and a plasma sword along with a plasma shield.

Timothy Grahams, the master engineer, had built Bolverk a spyship that now has the ability to reverse engineer Chronos Phoenix technology. Using it, they can spy on the Chronos Phoenix's missions.


Operations are like the "chapters" of this game. There are twenty-one operations in total.

Operation Description Location
Prologue Bolverk gets ready for it's training for PhophyTech Labs. PhophyTech training facility
First Mission Bolverk is sent on his first mission to search for clues. Naval Chronos Phoenix hideout
Barrier of Steel Chronos Phoenix has to collect it's data from the hideout. Bolverk has to defend the data from the hands of the Chronos Phoenix. Naval Chronos Phoenix hideout
Chronos Fortress Bolverk is sent into the Chronos Fortress, and has to take over the fortress. Chronos Fortress
Secret Plans According to Timothy, he had discovered the secret plans in the Fortress. Bolverk has to take them before they can take it back. Chronos Fortress
Chronos Chase Captain Gregor, the 3rd in command of the Chronos Phoenix, had taken the plans. Bolverk has to chase him with the PhopyBike. Vacant highway by Chronos Phoenix
Confrontation Bolverk, along with the PhopyTech officers, has to fight against Team Chronos Phoenix. Dark alley conquered by the Chronos Phoenix
Rescue Steven Bolverk has to explore the alley to search for Steven, who had spied on Chronos Phoenix's plans. Alley buildings
Fuel Strike PhophyTech has to stop fuel runs from the Chronos Phoenix so they can't train more aviation. Chronos Phoenix fuel grounds
Breaking Point Chronos Phoenix is going underground. Phophytech has to fortify Lizium so Chronos Phoenix can't do a underground strike. Lizium, California
Sabotage Mission PhophyTech discovers that their regular Spectres are being overridden, and then a Rift Device is used. Bolverk has to sabotage the device. Lizium, California on the roofs.
Tool of Destruction Bolverk had salvaged the Rift Device. Bolverk has to deliver it before the Chronos Phoenix would bring it back. Cityscape in  Lizium.
Defense 2020 The Chronos Phoenix knows the Rift Device had been stolen toward PhophyTech, Bolverk has to defend the Rift Device. PhophyTech Laboratories (exterior)
Spy 2020 Bolverk has to use the Rift Device to spy on Chronos Phoenix by overriding a King's signal. Chronos Phoenix's robot factory
Domain of Power Chronos Phoenix has captured the city of Lizium. Bolverk has been called to take them out. Lizium, California
Bomb Squad Chronos Phoenix has to plot bombs to wreck out the PhophyTech. Bolverk has to hijack the plans. Chronos Phoenix's bomb warehouse
Sky Dogfight Bolverk has to fly in a space fighter to find a way inside the Chronos Phoenix battleship Sky
Data Mining The search for the coordinates begin. Chronos Phoenix's battleship
Raid 2020 With the coordinates of Chronos Phoenix, the raid begins. Chronos Phoenix HQ.
Mimicry PhophyTech officers find out that they have been mimicking their technology to make their own Bolverk battle android. Chronos Phoenix laboratories
Last Stop Professor Ramton, the leader of the Chronos Phoenix, is engaging in a duel. Chronos Phoenix's battlegrounds


There are only eight weapons in total that Bolverk can pick up and use.

Name Type Attack Type Ammo Shots to beat a Robot with high armor Rarity
ZP49 Bolt Pistol Energy bullets 32 6 shots Common
RX72 Assault Rifle Rapid fire bullets 96 30 shots Uncommon
ARD84 LMG Rapid fire bullets 150 24 shots Rare
TB38 Shotgun Spread shot 15 1 shot Very rare
AR55 Battle Magnum Anti-robot mags 20 3 shots Uncommon
MOR40 Plasma Rifle Charged plasma blasts 12 1 shot Rare
VIX24GL Grenade Launcher Explosive arc blasts 6 1 shot (AoE) Super rare (only found in 2 specific operations)

Enemy Types


Name Attacks Armor Rank
Grunt Burst rifle Low *
Guard Magnum Low *
Ace Burst rifle Medium **
Soldier Assault rifle Medium ***
Sniper Sniper rifle Medium ***
Engineer Android constructing, magnum High ****

Phoenix Androids

Name Attacks Armor Rank
Spectre Burst rifle Medium **
Riflebot Semi rifle Medium **
Paladin Shield and burst rifle Medium ***
Crusader Assault rifle Medium ***
Apollo Sniper rifle Medium ***
Bomber Grenade launcher Medium ***
Sarge Assault rifle, shield High ****
Captain Plasma rifle, shield, High ****
King Gauss magnum, cannon High *****

Special Forces

Name Attacks Armor Rank
Avenger War minigun High *****
Battle Android Plasma sword, shields Very high *****
Phoenix Warrior Autogun, plasma rod High *****
Bouncer Plasma claws, grenades Very high ******


Bolverk got mixed to positive reviews, while reviews criticized for the sword-n-gun combat style, due to the fact that the sword does high damage and the guns (mostly machine guns) must be used to get high scores due to the fact they mostly do scratch damage to common robot enemies, (and the sword can be upgraded to oneshot some enemies) while some reviews compared it to PlatinumGames's Vanquish. Wolken stated that Bolverk is more military-themed and Vanquish was more sci-fi themed.



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