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Bolt (Cursed Enigma)
Bolt - Fantendo Nightmare
Bolt in Moonlight Racing and Fantendo Nightmare.
Full Name Bolt
Current Age 0.3
Date of Birth 2012
Gender Sketch
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Pencil
First Appearance Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm
Latest Appearance Moonlight Racing

Bolt is a sketch drawn by Douglas in Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm.


Bolt is made up of black, grey and white. He is a simple stickman with wings and a cape.


Bolt carries a huge pencil, which he uses to create things to attack enemies.


Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm

Bolt makes his first appearance in Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm, when Douglas was in trouble. Bolt was drawn by Douglas to help stop Robo. Since then, they have been best friends and have been on adventures with each other.

Moonlight Racing

Bolt makes an appearance as an unlockable character in Moonlight Racing. He is a very speedy character but has bad accerleration. His vehicle is called the Sketch Slider.

Moonlight Smash

Bolt reappears in Moonlight Smash as an unlockable character. Nothing else is known so far...

Fantendo Nightmare

Bot appears as a playable character in Fantendo Nightmare. He can be unlocked in Chapter 63: Darkness Castle Revisisted.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Warzone

Bolt appears as a playable fighter in FSBW. His moveset is

  • Standard - Mega Pencil
    • Bolt jabs with his mega pencil.
  • Side - Lead Leap
    • Bolt leaps, doing damage to anyone he hits. If you hold down B, it will be charged. It can be used as a recovery move.
  • Up - Sketch Wings
    • Bolt jumps high into the air, using his wings to get extra height. It can be used as a recovery move, but Lead Leap is better, as he goes straight up with this, not moving to the left/right.
  • Down - Doodle
    • Bolt draws a stickman, who charges forwards, damaging anyone he touches.