Bogard Arena
Universe SSB FatalFury
Home Stage to Terry Bogard
Availability Starter

Bogard Arena is a new stage in Super Smash Bros. Universe. The stage is from the Fatal Fury series, and is the home stage for Terry Bogard. The stage is based off of both the Fatal Fury 2 and Garou Mark of the Wolves incarnations of the stage.


At first the stage appears to be a simple platform in the middle of a desert canyon. Upon the fight starting, the platform will then begin to move and is revealed to be on a moving Freight Train. The train then continues on while the battle continues. Other backgrounds include various other versions of Bogard Arena from Fatal Fury, the King of Fighters, and Mark of the Wolves. Occasionally, a fighter from one of these games will appear on the stage and battle the fighters in a mini-boss battle. Defeating the said mini-boss will make them the ally of the player for a short time. However much like the fighters, they too can be KO'd, and defeating them results in a bonus point for the player.


Series Title Notes
SSB FatalFury Terry Bogard Theme (Genesis)
SSB FatalFury Stimulation (New York Stage)
SSB FatalFury Wipeout (Osaka Stage 1)

Character Cameos

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