My last name is my first name spelled backwards!

A member of The Guap Squad
Full Name Bob "Bobtain" Bob
Current Age 12
Date of Birth May 20, 2002
Gender Male
Location Fun Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Fire Balls
Ability/ies Shooting Fire
First Appearance The Guap Squad (2016)
Latest Appearance The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild X

Bob "Bobtain" Bob is a side protaginist in The Guap Squad. Him and the other 5 members are 12 year olds that stop evil. He was created by Green Productions. He appears to be the second main hero of the game!


Bob is very naïve and doesn't like school. He is usually very nice. He is kind of a nut sometimes. He's also kind of stupid.


Bob is a 12 year old boy with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, a blue shirt that says I Rock, blue shorts, and purple shoes.


The Guap SquadEdit

Bob's first appearance is in The Guap Squad. He's a secondary hero in the game. He can't be played as on the very first level, as he's tied up in a chair. He can use fire balls to shoot enemies when he doesn't have any power-ups. His Special Move is Pixelate!

The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild XEdit

Bob is set to reappear in The Guap Squad's sequel as a secondary hero, yet again.

Fantendo FightersEdit

Bob might become a summoner in Fantendo Fighters.

Fantendo BrawlersEdit

Bobtain is set to appear in Fantendo Brawlers as a starter! He can shoot fire and unlike Guaptain, has access to different power-ups in the game!

The Mystic ContractEdit

Bobtain is going to appear in the Mystic Contract. He is the most level-headed of the participants in the killing game, though for the sole reason of him being very cautious. Despite this, he is extremely naive and will go along with what most tell him.



Bob always thought thought that they would be friends till the end, even in Preschool! He wouldn't trade Guaptain for anything!


Joe is Bob's cousin, and Bob likes Joe. He does seem to embarrass Bob, however.


Ashley has been a friend of Bob since Kindergarten. They get along pretty well, but sometimes get in fights.


Bob does like Tim, but thinks his music is horrible. It's why he never hangs out with Tim alone!


Before he joined The Guap Squad, he had only heard about Andy. Now that he joined, he thinks Andy is pretty cool!