Bobby The Bunny is the main character in the T.V Series Bobby The Bunny. He is Robby's younger brother by 2 seconds. He is always exited and very happy.

Bobby George Boingo
Current Age 21
Date of Birth 6/21/1995
Gender Male
Species Bunny
Location Greensburg
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Robby (brother) Timber (nephew) Glyn (brother)
Robby, Brad, Snobby, Timber, Glyn, Princess, Price,Rodney, Harlyn

Appearance Edit

Bobby is a green bunny who is about 60 inches tall. He wears red overalls and and blue shoes. He has big eyes and 4 whiskers on his nose and 6 freckles. His ears are 10 inches tall.

Personality Edit

Bobby can be quite frustrated at times, but is usually very kind and thoughtful. He never gives up and is always determined to be the best he can be. Bobby is often happy and exited and is always feeling good, which means when he's upset, he is very upset.

Bobby History Edit

Bobby had a nice life growing up, unlike his brother. He didn't witness his Dad being stabbed, and he was told 2 days later. Bobby was upset, but was glad that he didn't see it. He made a lot of friends growing up, and sometimes goes out for a drink at 'The Donkey's Ass'. He loves meat and has his friends come round to his house very often. His kitchen is a mess and he can't be bothered to tidy it up. He likes hanging out at The Greensburg Juicebar and has become their favourite customer.