Bobby The Bunny (Wii U)
Developer(s) MijMod Studios
Publisher(s) Mij Mod
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
+12 (or 7+ depending whether internet mode is on or off)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Bobby The Bunny


Bobby Wii U 2

Possible Final Boxart

Bobby The Bunny is a 3D platformer for the Wii U based of the youtube series "Bobby The Bunny". You control Bobby and his friends as the try to rescue the golden banana for their friend Brad.


Bobby and friends are relaxing in the garden, when Timber asks them if he can go on an adventure. They immediately say no, but Timber persuaded them to. They end up going round to Brad's house as he happens to have lost his golden banana. They offer to help him find the banana, and are told to go the the switches by the docks.

Once ariving by the docks, they meet Snobby and he joins the party. They press the switches until a magic portal appears. Bobby enters the portal.

Once through the portal, the gang arrive at Fungus Forest. The gang find the Power Clover and use Bobby's Spring Boots to jump onto the ledge to grab the key to the next portal. 

More coming soon...


Character Name Picture Description Speed Jump Power
Bobby The Bunny Bobby is the main character of the game. His moves are kicking and punching and he has no special ability. 4/5 4/5 3/5
Timber The Tiger

Timber is Bobby's 7 year old nephew who is very cheeky and playful, but can be very useful. His moves are punching and pouncing and his special abliity is wall climbing.

5/5 4/5 2/5
Brad Stewarts Brad is the only playable human (this may change) and wears a bikini and loves bananas. He is quite weird and is pretty dim. His moves are punching and belly flopping and his special ability is spinning. 4/5 5/5 4/5
Robby The Rabbit Robby is Bobby's brother and loves the colour purple. He can be very grump at times and is usaly moaning, but has a soft spot for Bobby. He becomes grumpy and slow for 5 seconds (there is only a 5% chance of this happening every 30 seconds). His moves are punching and kicking and his special ability is yawning which cathes on with other enimies nearby. 5/5 3/5 4/5
Prince & Princess Prince & Princess are a Duck hunt duo (smash 4) type character and their special ability has to be unlocked. They can use their tails (like Tails) to glide so they can reach places other characters can't. They do this by climbing on top of trees (or anything high) then pressing and holding jump. Their attacks are bite and pounce and their special ability is (which you unlock via mission) is that they get a bone out of their mouth and spin like a tornado one-shotting enemys (that aren't bosses) for 2 seconds. 3/5 4/5 3/5

Bog Frog

A character, sorta enemy and a mission giver. Bog Frog is a character that'll appear anywhere (as long as it has a bog). He is the only character that can go in deep ends/under bogs and can double jump but is very weak for everything else. He can't attack, and is a pretty bad character. His only use is jumping and he cannot be attacked by enimies, but can be attacked by bosses. 2/5


(6 if double jump)

Milo The Motormouth  Milo is a talkative hippo. He talks alot and has a lot to say. He claims "I have a very intresting backstory. I'm a very intresting guy. Did you know that" and the interveiw ended there. In the game he isn't a very good character but can jump quite high. His attacks are Kicking and Chomping. His special ability is eating enimes. He is part of DLC pack 1 2/5 5/5 4/5
Snobby the Pirate Snobby is a 'Pirate'. He can summon his trusty 4 character ship on water. His attacks are cannon ball toss (that can  be charged up for 2 secs for more damage), blinds or kills enemys within its splash radius. And his last move is anchor hurricane (which needs to charge for 1 second) that  Snobby swings for 5 seconds before becoming dizzy for 1 second. His special ability is charging. 3/5 2/5 5/5
Harry The Hare Harry is a super quick hare who can run faster then the speed of sound. He is very quick, and his attacks are spin dashing and kicking, and his special ability is dodgeing. He is part of DLC pack 1 10/5 5/5 5/5

Glyn the Cat

Glyn is Timber's dopy dad. He is quite stupid and dumb but is very kind. His attacks are punching, spinning and his special ability is scratching enimies. He is part of DLC pack 1.

2/5 3/5 5/5
Kruch The Krokodile Krunch is Robby's best friend and is a DJ. He enjoys loud music and video games. His attacks are biting, music disc tossing and his special move is rolling in a ball. He is part of DLC pack 2. 4/5 2/5 5/5
Agent Bun An agent sent to kill Robby but has grown quiet a fondness to him. She does triple damage to enemys but to Robby she does 0.75 of her normal attack. Enemy class includes: Krunch, Bog, Brad and Hares. 7/5 6/5 10/5
Hollie Bobby's little cousin, she likes music and creates things on music.lie. people say shes talkative and weird... she is. she has a special ability of double jumping and also a main ability of Speed demon which gives double speed.


(can be doubled)


(can be doubled)




A: Attack 1

X: Attack 2

Y: Sprint

B: Jump

L Stick: Move

R Stick: Control Camera

L or R: Special Ability (for everyone exept Bobby and Timber who don't need to press a button for special ability.)

L or R Stick pushed in: Swap characters

ZL or ZR: Crouch

Wii-mote (Only for Multiplayer modes and hold horizontally)

+ : Move

A: Pressed Once: Attack 1   Pressed Twice: Attack 2 

Shake Wii-Mote: Special Ability (for everyone exept Bobby and Timber who don't need to press a button for special move.)

2: Jump

1: Sprint

B: Crouch

Wii-mote with Nunchuck (For all modes)

Nunchuck stick: Move

C: Attack 1

Z: Attack 2

A: Jump

B: Crouch

Shake Wii-Mote: Special Ability (Again, Timber and Bobby don't need to shake it ect.)

1 or 2: Swap Characters

+: Control Camera

Other Controllers Coming Soon...

Power Clover

The Power Clover is one of the many items in Bobby The Bunny. It gives each character a different abilty to help them achive the gole based on the Power Clover. There is one Power Clover in each level. The power clover ability lasts for 50 seconds. Once its over, the Power Clover will reapear.

Bobby's Power Clover:  When Bobby touches the power clover he becomes Spring Bobby. Spring Bobby has springs attached to his shoes and can jump 2 times higher. He is able to reach higher platforms and jump up to grab keys/items. This is the first Power Clover you'll see in the game.

Timber's Power Clover: When Timber touches the power clover he takes out a skateboard from his backpack and starts skating on it. He can skate up hills/ramps which are impossible to climb without the skate board. Timber can do backflips and other things.

Snobby's Power Clover

When Snobby touches the power clover, he get a hook on his hand and can stab enimies and kill them. He can also use his hook to climb up walls to reach items.

Robby's Power Clover:

Robby gets a banana and dunks it in toxic waste, making the banana rampage across the stage for 50 seconds. It can kill enimes, knock down obsitcals and drown bogs.

Brad's Power Clover:

Brad takes out a banana and uses it as a banana gun. He can also drop banana peels so people will slip on them. He upgrades the teams health aswell.

Prince and Princess's Power Clover: Prince & Princess summon a horse and carriage that gives them a 6/5 speed.

Bog Frog's Power Clover: Bog Frog starts jumping very high (11/5) and can bounce all over the place. Though this is in the coding, it is impossible to get a power clover as Bog Frog without hacking. If this is done, Bog Frog will say "Ribbit! Looks like someone has hacked the game. Oh well, here goes!" and will perform his stunt.

Glyn's Power Clover: Glyn takes out his beer and drinks it, becoming Alcohol Man! He can fly in the air, whilst acting drunk. He can somtimes slip over though, making him slower than he already is.


Name Description Item Difficulty Location
The Island's Secret On the island on the other side of the bridge, you need to jump into the right place in the moat to swim to a cave that will lead to the blue bash-block.  Mega Token 2/5  Once you know where to jump, this quest is a breeze. Fungus Forest

Congo's Orange 


Once you have found the warp locations. you can teleport into Congo's Tree House. Inside, Congo will give you his Mega Token if you collect 5 oranges from the trees for him. Mega Token


The oranges are easy to find but are hard to bring back (you get chased by Log Bobs and need you need to wait for the tree's oranges to grow back). But speedrunners use a glitch. Get an orange, take it to the warp area but throw the orange into the first log whilst you are warping. You will appear outside of Congo's tree. All the tree's oranges will have grown back straight away.

Fungus Forest



Sammy The Squirrel can't crack open his nuts (Yes, Don't laugh) so you need to take them to Congo's tree house so he will crack them open.




Its a very easy challange (not even a challange) but you do need to take each nut seperatley wich can take time.

Fungus Forest

Just a warp to the left.

You need to find the warp point and warp until you find your self infront of a dull looking gray building. Using Bobby's power clover, get to the top of the building, turn the key and enter the building. Here you will fight Wilfred WoodFrog, the boss of Fungus Forest.  Key to next level and Fungus Forest Themed Mini games.

5/5 Really hard. You need to jump on his head when his crown falls off 5 times. 

Fungus Forest
In a Boggy Situation You only have 30 seconds to clean the mess around the bog. You need to pick up Sammy's Nuts, congo's orange skins and much more! This  Bog Frog character piece (there is 3 to collect); Mega Token; and a diamond apple that'll make you invinsible for 5 seconds


This is fairly hard, you have to pick up 20 items in 30 seconds. but they're not hidden, so this is easy.

Fungus Forest

Kill Bog Frog using Bog Frog in bed. I don't mean knock him out I mean literally kill him! Erase him out of existance! But if Bog Frog wakes up and sees you you will create a paradox of never ending death and nukelear wars!

Mega    Token


Bog Frog is a light sleeper...

This is only accessible if the players mii is 18 or over, as its got a violent theme to it.

In Bright Beach

Name Description Item Difficulty Location
Release the kraken! You will not be able to defeat the almighty kraken! This is an extra boss fight needed if you want to get Snobby. It's the first hard one you unlock. Fighting the Kraken isn't for the faint hearted!

Mega Token and Timbers New Skateboard ability.


I recommend a team of: Brad, Robby, Bobby and Timber. Power clovers appear around the beach so their easy to get and use againts Kraken.

Bright Beach
Not lonely any more! Use a Timber's new skateboard to get to Lonley Island and survive to waves of Coconut creeps to claim your well earned prize!

Mega Token


Quite easy. Once you have taken down 5, you know what your doing.

Secret area 1: Lonely Island
Robby's Talkative Island! This is to unlock Robby. The only way to complete this is by playing as Bobby. All you need to do is go through lines of speech you are given and there is always 3 choices. But if you pick a line of speech he doesn't like then you automatically lose.

Robby The Rabbit

Mega Token

Robby's home-made cookies (restore half of chosen characters life)


More of a minigame. Some of the dilouge is repeated from the T.V show so big fans will know what to pick.

Secret area 2: Robby's Getaway Mansion



Item Image Use/ How to obtain
Mega Token Use these to activate portals. Obtain them by completing quests!
Invincibility Chocolates Eat these to become invunrable to all threats! Obtain them by finding them hidden in worlds.
Power Clover The Power Clover is a special item in Bobby The Bunny. The power clover ability lasts for 60 seconds. Once its over, the Power Clover will reapear. You find it by finishing all of the level's quests exept the last one.
Studder Shoes with studs that make the character faster and slip less, but decreases the jump to 2.
Springy Boots Makes the character slower, but jump higher.

Frost Bitez

Little blue chocolate balls that the player can shoot at enemys, freezing them. The name is a reference to the YouTube channel, FrostBitezJS.


Tutorial Level 1: Carrot Plains: This is the first tutorial level. It contains pretty much every type of object in the game, teaches you how to swin, climb ropes ect.


Tutorial Level 2: Honeycomb Canyon: This level is only accsesible by going to the tutorial world and exploing to the right of the entrance of the word. You will find a hole in one of the hills and enter Honeycomb Canyon! In this level there are more enimies, more collectables, and more fun to be had. You learn a new move here: Crouch.


Level 1: Fungus Forest. The level is a forest themed level, with lots of trees to climb. The level is also filled with bogs and wooden walls. The enemies in the level are: Log Frog, Log Bob, Bog Frog, Boxer Frog, Scutter Beetle, Buzzy Bug, Cheeky Chimps.

Level 2: Tipper's Tower. The level is a level similar to SM64's Whomps Fortress. It involves a massive tower witch you need to reach the top of. The tower tips over every now and then.

Level 3: Marsh Mayhem

Level 4: Phantom Factory

Level 5: Hammerhead Beach


Secret area 1: Lonely Island. Lonely Island is an island surrounded by deep water. Get across on Timbers skateboard. It also contains an enemy only it posses: Coconut Creep that live in trees and when you go under them they break of and instantly kill you! But if you have more than one person selected (which you can do you can have a party of 4 without others playing) then they either become shy, target every body at once or kill someone then rush at the other characters attempting to bite your face off.  (Bit violent, will be changed)

Secret area 2: Robby's Getaway Mansion. Robby's Mansion is filled top to bottom with the latest trends, consoles, iPads, iMacs, Widows(computer making kind) and much more. He keeps this locked away because he knows Bobby and Timber have a tendency to brake things, which he found out the hard way.

Level 6: Aqua Adventureland

Level 7: Freezer Land

Level 8: Dry Desert Dunes 


Level 9: Dangoures Dungen


Level 10: Great Gooey Graveyard


Level 11: Tree Top Jungle

Level 12: Rumble Tumble Ruins

Level 13: Mystery Mansion

Final Boss Level: Gorillan's Castle

Special World:

Special World is a whole new place that you unlock when you have completed all other 'levels' 100%. This place is only for the tough so bring your best characters as, once you enter, you'll be stuck with the characters you already have out. This place also unlocks new missions, characters, story line and a new attack! The 'levels' here are:

Special Level 1: Terror Hall

Music (BETA): (Ok, fine by me)

Special Level 2: Creepy Cavern + Cave

Special Level 3: Incredible Island

Special Level 4: Krisp's Krazy Island (he's a Crocodile called Krisp)

Special Level 5: Roggle Tog Bog (unlocks 


Attention! Music composers needed! If you could make some music for this game, tell me in the comments! I REALLY NEED MUSIC



Description Unlocks Difficulty Location
Congo's orange splat! Use Congo to collect 20 oranges in a 40 second time limit. Pretty much the same as the on below, but with Congo and is more hard. Secret Bog


Realy hard. You heed to collect 20 oranges

in 40 seconds in Fungus Forest. They are hidden around the world, and hard to find.

Fungus Forest



Oh No! Prince & Princess have lost their favourite bone! You get transported to the last place they went... the museum. With 3 medium difficulty levels you have to catch all the bones be careful though you only have 2 lives to complete all of it!

Prince & Princess' second ability


This is quite easy, but gets harder as you go along.


Bosses & Enemys



Fungus Forest

Tipper's Tower

Marsh Mayhem

Phantom Factory










Enemy 1 Log Frog Tipper Bog Frog Tuber Clammer Clammer Snowger Shrivel
Enemy 2 Log Bob Tricker Swampy Roboot Turt-ol Bubble Bass Pengies Dumpa
Enemy 3 Boxer Frog Buzzers Stompy Reboot Hammer Head Trubble Bass Frosties Cactimp
Enemie 4 Bog Frog Grumblins Romby Sparky Snipper Octojelly Polarbururur Cactris
Enemy 5 Scutter Beetle Scutter Beetle Mista El Engineer Dipper Squidinka Freezin' Fred Curla
Enemy 6 Buzzy Bug Sticky Insect Sucka Mecha Buzzer Coconut Creep Pufafizsh Polar Punk Buzzy Bug


  • Originaly, Aqua Adventureland was called "Water Wonderland".
  • Originaly, Hammerhead Beach was called "Bright Beach" and used this music:
  • In the game, there are files showing a lost mode called "Paintball" and a model of a paintball gun and a paint ball. With hacking, this mode can be brought into the game in a playable state. This was most probaly removed late in development as a picture of Krunch holding a paintball gun is seen in the artwork of DLC Pack 1.
  • In the instruction manual for the game, there is a piece of text saying "After they went into the portal, they met all sorts of weird creatures such as Buzzy Bugs, Rombys and Bob Frogs." but there is no enemy called 'Bob Frog'. It could be the beta name for Log Bob.
  • For some odd reason, there are tons of Banjo Kazooie sound effects in the games files. Bobby The Bunny (Wii U) has quite a few referances to Banjo Kazooie.
  • Originaly, Snippers beta name was "Sniper" and carried a coconut pistol. This was changed for an unknown reason.
  • Originaly, Polarbururur was called Polar Burg, then Polarbrrrrr and then was changed to the final name.

Downloadable Content

Betting Baloova! = $3.99. Unlock Agent Bun


This game is based of the youtube series "Bobby The Bunny" at

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