Enemy - Bobby
Location Yzulf Snowfields
HP Fight 1: 700 | Fight 2: 1000 | Fight 3: 200
Attack 75
Defence 90
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Let's get PHYSICAL!"
You don't come into our camp... And go back out in one piece, unless you're authorized to be here, right Claude?
Bobby upon first meeting Lucario.

Bobby, the brother of Claude and son of Octavius, is a recurring miniboss in Lucario's Quest. Together with Claude, the two of them hassle and fight every adventurer they can possibly find, generally causing mischief in the form of thieving, beating innocent travelers up, or all around being as mean as they possibly can in the Yzulf Snowfields.


During the events of Lucario's Quest, Bobby and his brother debut after they stumble upon Lucario exiting a tent after acquiring his first party member, where, no matter what the dialogue option selected is, they eventually engage Lucario and his friend to their first event battle. Lucario and his new friend defeat them, and the duo rush off.

Later on, while exploring the hidden bandit stronghold, Bobby and Claude are eavesdropped upon by Lucario, asking each other who has one of the special keys needed to unlock the door leading to the bandit leader. Upon hearing this, Lucario gives chase, the pair of villains soon being caught at a dead end where they are battled for a second time, losing their key and rushing off once more.

Lucario and his partner eventually confront Octavius, the bandit leader, where it is revealed that he is the duo's father as they come bustling in. The bandit king demands for his sons to attack Lucario, rather than get his magic stone taken, showing his carelessness towards his own children. The duo are defeated once more, rushing off, and are not heard from at all during the rest of the game.


Bobby is the "brains" behind the two's schemes, and is always the main speaker of them. He verbally abuses his brother when they mess up (despite it even literally being Bobby's fault once) and his brother woefully takes it.

Claude always repeats what Bobby says, and he seems not to mind at all.


Bobby uses dual knives in all of his battles, just like Claude, and also is faster than his brother. Although Bobby is weaker and has lower HP, he can apparently hold his own. Since the two bandits are the first battle that Lucario has, the strategy to beating him is very simplified.

In their second battle, Bobby taunts Lucario throughout the entirity of it, being stronger than before. The strategy remains the same, and eventually, the heroic Lucario defeats the bandit and his brother.

In their last battle, being very weak after just battling Lucario, their father Octavius sends them to fight for him, where the two are defeated in one hit.


  • He and his brother are named as a pun on "Bonnie and Clyde".
  • His Battle Thought is "Let's get PHYSICAL!"