Bob, probably

Bob the Blob
The idiot himself.
Current Age 10
Gender Male
Species Blob
Location Dumpstar
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Blaster
Vulnerable To Nothing
Moron (by everyone)
Voice Actor(s)
Indigo Fusionbolt
First Appearance Fandro RPG: The War Against Krunchkake

Bob is one of the main protagonists of the Fandro RPG series. Unlike the user on which this character is based, Bob is quite moronic and can easily anger his older brother.


Bob is a carefree, happy-go-lucky guy.  He is mostly invincible so he can't feel pain, but he can still faint in battle due to exhaustion.  He likes to mess around with his family, as proven on thousands of occasions.

He's also a big fan of nachos.  If you eat one of his nachos you will die, the pain is worse if you eat one of his tacos.  This is a true thing in the first Fandro RPG game, as if you eat one of the infamous "Bob Tacos" or "Bob Nacho Bowls" you receive a game over.




Fandro RPG: Stray By Me


Bob Fusionbolt appears as one of the four playable characters in Fandro RPG: Stray By Me. Commonly known as "Indigo", Bob had interned in the Limus Army sometime prior to the beginning of the game. Because of this training, he is skilled in ranged weaponry, and has a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality that often hinders him. Like the original two installments of the series, he often angers his brother by being immature, though has noticeably matured.

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Bob is an unlockable speed character in this game, using clones of himself and ridiculous objects such as nachos to attack.

Bob's home stage is Pretzel Plant.



Bob loves Fandro to absolute pieces despite Fandro's negativity towards him.


Bob hates Fred and always tries to kill him, sometimes Bob succeeds and gets away from it and Fandro has to revive him.  Over the course of the main series' first arc, Bob kills Fred six times.


Bob and George are best friends but neither of them seems to really know that.


Bob likes Tim and is the only person to like his cooking.  They get into arguments a lot but they're on good terms.


They hate each other but they don't like each other really, while KrunchKake has plenty of reason to hate Bob; Bob has no real reason for hating him.  He just does.



  • His redesign for Fandro RPG: Stray By Me has him being blue instead of green. This was to reference the fact that his user counterpart had changed his name to Indigo Fusionbolt.
    • Additionally, all characters call him "Indigo" in Stray By Me... with the exception of Fandro.
  • The character was originally written by IndigoFusionbolt (tbc).
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