Bob-omb Suit
Item Type transformation
Kind of Item suit
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Latest Appearance Super Mario: The Cosmic Wrath
Allows people to blow stuff up.

The Bob-omb Suit is a suit that transforms people into a Bob-omb-like creatures. It makes it's debut appearance in Super Mario: An Evil Rising. It's features usually include allowing the user to blow up at will and not be injured by it, although it sometimes has different abilities. The form it's users enter when it is used are called Bob-omb characters.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In Game Description

This is a quote from the Toadus Museum, " Made by the scientific minds of the Dig Boots, this amazing suit combines the power of Bob-Omb blasting, and willpower. With the power of Bob-Ombs in your hands, you can blow things up the same way you can with Bob-Ombs, but with willpower and no pain. The suit was donated to the museum by Toadsworth."


Sorta like a portable Bob-Omb, it allows you to blow up all kinds of objects without the exploding pain of a real Bob-Omb. Not only can it blow up objects, it can have the suit blown up to destroy the suit with the power of 12 Bob-Ombs.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

The suit is useful for multiple areas in Mario's story and defeating Bowser in a boss battle.

Super Mario: The Cosmic Wrath

The Bob-Omb Suit appears here as Waluigi's exclusive power-up. He can throw Bob-Ombs in this form.


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