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Bob-omb did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

A Bob-omb.
Notable Members
King Bob-omb
Billy the Bombaster
 Bob-ombs are a reoccuring species that appear throughout the Super Mario series. Bob-ombs have mostly appear as enemies throughout the series, however sometimes friendly Bob-ombs are encountered. They are best known for their ability to explode.

Bob-ombs are commonly depicted like a normal bomb, with the addition of feet, white eyes and a mechanical wind-up key in their back. Their are many different forms of Bob-ombs, some are blue, black, pink or red. Once they have been detonated, they will flash red and sometimes make beeping sounds are grow slightly in size before exploding. They are commonly portrayed as quite intelligent characters, and sometimes have their own towns and villages full of their species.

The Bob-ombs are one of the key members of the Koopa Troop, very often appearing as a part of the army. One of Bowser's highest ranking minions, Big Bob-omb, is also part of the Bob-omb species. However, not all Bob-ombs are a part of the Koopa Troop, and their are often villages for friendly Bob-ombs and friendly characters. The Bob-ombs are also commonly depicted being at war with one another between the red/pink Bob-ombs and the black/blue bob-ombs.

Bob-ombs have had many different incarnations where they serve many different purposes. They most commonly appear as enemies who will explode after being interacted with. They also have appeared as items in the Mario Kart series and the Super Smash Bros. series


Bob-ombs first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 where they were sided with the evil Wart from Subcon. In the game, they would be dropped from the sky onto land, where they would walk for a couple seconds before exploding. They have retained a fairly similar role since then, however will now only detonate and explode after being irritated, which debuted in Super Mario 64.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, Bob-ombs were now able to be jumped on, which would make it become stationary and Mario could pick it up before it exploded a couple seconds later. 

Since Super Mario 64, they have retained an almost identical role in the main series. However, in Super Mario Sunshine they had a very different appearance which never returned. They were black orbs with a digital interface, which will start a countdown from three when irritated, with them exploded at zero. 

They appear quite often in the spin-off games, usually as an item (Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros.), or an enemy such as in the Mario & Luigi series. In the Paper Mario series, Bob-ombs appear quite often, being seen in villages such as Koopa Village and Fahr Outpost. There are many friendly Bob-ombs in the series, however they have also appeared as enemies and partners such as Bombette and Admiral Bobbery.


Paper Luigi

They are items in the Circuit Breaker Racer minigame.

Super Mario MHL

Bob-Ombs appear as an item that explodes after it is thrown.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3

Bob-Ombs appear as Wario's special item in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3. However, the exploding fake item box takes the place as Waluigi's special item.

Koopa Kart

Bob-Omb appears as a light weight driver in Koopa Kart. Because of this, the bob-omb item is absent.

Super Mario Wii Adventure

Bob-omb appears as one of the main protagonists, and the Bob-omb enemies are absent due to this.

Super Mario GameBox Demo

They only appear in Bowser Castle and are impossible to defeat by rolling without losing health. They must be jumped on, then thrown. They then explode. Bob-ulks and Bulky Bob-ombs appear, but in The Final Challenge, instead of Bowser Castle.


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