Bob-Omb Battlefield is a stage from the Super Mario universe that appears as a default stage in Super Smash Bros. Mania.


Universe Super Mario
Home Stage to (None)
Availability Default
Size Large

The Bob-Omb Battlefield stage is based on its appearance from Super Mario 64. You can brawl all throughout the course as it sidescrolls. It is similar to the "Mushroomy Kingdom" stage from Brawl.


  • The stage will always scroll to the right.
  • Many Bob-Ombs appear and will blow up.
  • Bob-Omb King will (if in his battle arena) throw you off the cliff if you get too close, resulting in a KO.
  • Koopa the Quick could run over you.
  • The bubbles from the cannons could hit you.
  • Goombas will charge into you.
  • The Chain Chomp will try to bite you.

How to Unlock

This stage is already unlocked.

Music Played

Song italicized only appear in events
Songs in bold must be unlocked.

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