One of the many random words Boare shouts during his attacks.




Boare, the Unstoppable.
Full Name Boare
Gender Male
Location Poho
Current Status Dead
Class Hero
First Appearance Underground (2014)

Boare is a new character in That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember, designed and created by Exotoro. He first appears in Underground (2014), where he is a secondary antagonist alongside Netnu and Sia. He is described as "the other rival to Unten in Underground, and one that actually poses a threat to his respect. He believes he is the chosen one of this story along with Sia, and the two often get in Unten's way. He has unbelievable willpower; all of his bones can break but he'll still be standing. He's revealed to be somewhat of a coward though. He is more strength based." If Netnu was the opposite of Unten, Boare is what Unten strives to be.

He attacks with his claws and teeth, as well as his ki energy. He is known for his incredible willpower, which has allowed him to show up in spiritual form long after he died.




Underground (2014)

Boare appears in Underground (2014) as a secondary antagonist, but later appears as a friend to Unten in the final act of the game. This isn't everything but since I'm not done with the article yet and would love to not spoil the game, this all you're getting for now and I hope you're just good with that.

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