Board Warriors is a game made by Randomfrog made for the PC. It combines elements of board games, umbrella games and the battle mode of an RPG. It is set to release in 2017.


Create Your Character

This mode allows you to create a custom character to fight as. This mode is the first thing you see in the game. It allows you to customize the weapons, stats and appearance of your character. You can upload your characters on an online function in-game, where you can view and download custom characters.

Board Battle

Choose a character and travel across a board. Hitting an enemy will lead to a battle. There are multiple paths you can take so you can choose different enemies to fight. This mode has multiple difficulties you can choose, each changing the kinds of enemies you will get (choosing easier modes will lead to weaker enemies to fight, choosing harder modes will lead to harder enemies to fight, ect, ect)




Name Info

Goomba Board Warriors


Weak, stupid minions. They really aren't much of a threat in battles.

Pawn Board Warriors


A chess piece? Yea, great, sure. The pawn is only a little stronger than the Goomba, as it has 20 health.

Egg Board Warriors



Inkling Board Warriors


Woah, why are the Inklings here? They aren't villains! I guess they're just competitive. Inklings are somewhat difficult to beat, at least in comparison to Goomba, Pawn and Egg.

Wilkins Board Warriors


This guy is absolutely insane. He'll maim, assault, and torment you if you don't drink Wilkins Coffee. He attacks with the various things he's beat Wontkins with for not drinking his dang coffee brand.