Sure, I can make eggs magical, but apart from that, except my hair and hat, what do I have different from any Yoshi? Just ask someone else...
Blushi - when asked to join the heroes in World of Cyclone

The Defender of all things Yoshi
Current Age 12
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Yoshi (species)
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Flutter Jump, Making special eggs
Blushi is a dark blue Yoshi that can transform certain types of enemies into eggs with different properties. He is the hero of the Blushi the Warrior series.


Blushi was found by the Koopa Troop  as a baby. He was brought up in the Magikoopa department, and given a blue hat, but since Morton Koopa Sr. doesn't allow him to have a wand, he was told how to put magic into the Yoshi eggs. Blushi then accidently gave himself hair, by a spell mistranslation.

When he was ten, he managed to forge a sword, under watch. But when he slid his parent's special blue amulet into a hole he made for it, it started glowing blue, and he had made the Blue Sword. One year later, he was given a spot at the Koopa Troop Magic Table Comitee (K.T.M.T.C.) in which he was allowed to give his opinion in what the Troop should do next. At the age of twelve, he realised what he was doing was wrong, so he left and made is dedication to help all that needed it.


Blushi is dark blue in colour, with a blue hat and brown hair. He also wears purple and green shoes. Compared to a regular Yoshi, he is shown to be slightly taller, standing at 5 feet 10, while a regular Yoshi stands at 5 feet 9.
Yoshi and Blushi size comparison


Blushi is an adventurous Yoshi that lots of Yoshi's can depend on. He is their main hero, apart from Yoshi.

Appearances in games

Blushi the Warrior

Blushi the Warrior is set to be Blushi's first appearance. In the game, he has to rescue Yoshi becuase he was kidnapped by the main villian of the series.

Plunge in the Past 3 - Fantendo Universe

Blushi is confirmed to be a DLC character in the game. It is unknown how much he is worth.

Super Mario 3D Friends

Blushi is confirmed to be an unlockable character in this game. He is unlocked by completing Yoshi's Island world.

Mewshi and Blushi

Blushi is set to be a main character in this game, along with Mewshi the Dinocat . He is going to only have two of his powers, the magic eggs and the swim attack.

Fantendo Fighters Ultra!

In this game, Blushi is a starting character.