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Full Name Blurr
Current Age 37
Gender Male
Current Status Undead
First Appearance Cursed Enigma - (2012)
Latest Appearance Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm - (2013)

Blurr is a boss in the Cursed Enigma (Series). He appears as the boss of the NoShadow Planet in Cursed Enigma, and reappears again later in Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm, where he is the boss of the same location.


Blurr is a light purple eel, who has arms and a tail shaped like lightning. He has an orange fin, blue and black eyes, black mouth and gills on the side of his head.


Blurr appears as the boss of World 38, the NoShadow Planet in Cursed Enigma. He later reappears in the sequel, where his fight is resurrected by Robo.


Cursed Enigma

Blurr appears as the 10th boss in the game. He resides on the NoShadow Planet, where he guards the NoShadow Diamond. The player must use the Emberred Amethyst to cut the blockages and allow the freezing cold air in. This in turn will begin to freeze the water. The player must lure Blurr to the ice and it will freeze him and stop. The player can then hit his tail. This must be repeated three times to succeed. However, every time he is hit, the ice blockages are harder to take down, Blurr moves faster and is less hard to lure, and the ice moves quicker through the water, making it harder to freeze Blurr, but it also makes it more likely that the player will get frozen.

Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm

Blurr reappears in the sequel, where he must be fought again, in exactly the same way. He appears in Level 10, the Sky Temple, where the player must fight all the bosses from Cursed Enigma, who were resurrected by Robo.