What?! Me? Defeated?!  This can't be!!  Grr....What did I do wrong?!  This plan was perfect!!  You!  Get out!  Stay!  No, I mean, GET OUT!!  I feel like i'm malfunctioning!  But ghosts don't malfunction...What's going on?!
Skarr, After being defeated by Bluke.

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Bluke (Game)
Developer(s) Indigo Fusionbolt (SpookyGaming)
Publisher(s) Indigo Fusionbolt (SpookyGaming)
Platform(s) Spookonsole
Release Date(s)
November 8, 2015
1-player - 2-player - 3-player - 4-player - 5-player
Age Rating(s)
T for teenager (13+)
Series Bluke
Media Included Spookonsole optical disc

Bluke is the first 2.5D game made by SpookyGaming Incorporated. 

Playable Characters


Bluke is the game's main protagonist.  He is a ghost who wants to stop the evil Skarr from taking over the Ghost World and eating all the human souls he wants.  Skarr also trapped some of his own family members and Mayor Fantasma.  He will do anything to stop him - even kill himself in the process. 

Sphook (Unlockable)

Sphook is an unlockable character who was trapped by Skarr.  Sphook isn't very useful, though...He is scared of other ghosts that Skarr hypnotized.  And you have to battle these ghosts to get them back the normal, and you know how that goes.


Maria is the mother of Skarr and Sphook and the wife of Shock.  She says that after you defeat Skarr, she'll ground him for the rest of eternity...Like that will work.  She has this urge to clean everything she sees.  So she can clean enemies up so they become brighter targets for you to hit.  She can also use a mop to reveal invisible ghosts that will try to attack you.  For an old lady, she is rather strong.

Shock (Unlockable)

Shock is the father of Skarr and Sphook and the husband of Maria.  Shock does not want to fight his son, but he has to in order to save the Ghost World.  He attacks with his cane, but his cane is actually just a stick with his name on it.  I guess that counts?  Anyway, he is not very strong, but he certainly is loud.

Mayor Fantasma (Unlockable)

Mayor Fantasma is the ghost mayor of Ghost Town.  He likes fancy things, like fancy pocket watches, fancy curtains, that kind of stuff.  He is impatient and greedy.  He doesn't take advice or plan ahead, he just does things the instant he can think of them. 



Skarr is an evil ghosts that roams around and eats human souls.  In this game, he traps ghosts and hypnotizes them and gives them the order to destroy you.  You have to battle one to get one back to normal, though. 


Use the "Control Stick" to move.  Press "A" to jump and press "B" to attack.  In order to float, press the "Z" button.  To turn invisible for a short amount of time, press the "1" button.  If you wish to jump, press the button with nothing on it.  It looks like the space button on a computer, only a bit shorter, and round.


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