"I enjoy tap dancing and raspberry jam!"
Bluebear (Animal Crossing)
Full Name Bluebear
Current Age 11 (Bluebear's Adventure-Animal Crossing On Air)
Date of Birth June 24, 2001
Zodiac Sign Snake
Gender Female
Location Animal Town
Current Status Single
Class Hero
Animal Town Residents

Peppy Villagers Animal University

Family and Relations

Daisy(Best Friend)

Rosie(Best Friend) Stitches(Good Friend/Enemy) Roald(friend) Mint(friend) Kody(brother) Peanut(Frenemy)

Main Weapon(s) Slingshot, Net, Rapier(As Cerulean)
Ability/ies Summoning Insects, Long Range Attacks
Vulnerable To When out of ammo (Rocks), Distracted
Cerulean (In an Animal Crossing game in 2012)
First Appearance Animal Crossing
Latest Appearance Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion

Bluebear is the main character in the Animal Crossing: Saviors Of The Wild World! series.


Bluebear was born in the city and lived their for two years. When she turn three her family moved to Animal Town to live a more peaceful life. she attended Animal University when she was in kindergarten. She met Daisy when they noticed they have the same lunch. She is currently living in Animal Town, attending in Animal University as a sixth grade student when school starts.


Physical Description

Bluebear is the hero of Minstrall Town in Animal Crossing: Bluebear's Adventure and was set to appear in the cancelled game Animal Crossing II: Fate Of Three Worlds, and is set to appear in Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion with a creative cast in 2012,And in its sequel as Cerulean in Tales of Animal Crossing: Changing Seasons.

Abilities and Skills

  • Bluebear formerly uses a slingshot that can deal long-ranged attacks with the slingshot
  • Bluebear now uses a net. By using the net, Bluebear can deal melee attacks by swinging the net at opponents, for summoning butterflies and other insects. The source of the summonings is the amulet sealed in Bluebear's net.
  • Bluebear as Cerulean uses a rapier and she also uses magic that involves the seasons. As a Caliber, she uses the combination of magic and strength. Her sub-weapon is a bow and arrow to aid her in long-ranged attacks.


  • Bluebear is a real character in the Animal Crossing series, she is used in the fanon series as the main character.
  • It is revealed she doesn't have a crush on stitches, Peanut has.