Blue vs. Red: Faction Wars
Temporary Boxart
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
July 14th 2017
Singleplayer, Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
PEGI 12, ESRB 10+, USK 6
Genre(s) Shooter
Storage Needed 1 GB

Blue vs. Red: Faction Wars is a game inspired by games such as Splatoon and Team Fortress 2. It's about two factions/armies that are blocks, just rectangular blocks, with a selection of Ranks to choose from (such as Pistol-man, Sniper). The game will be released for 3DS in July 14, 2017.




The game has similar controls to 3DS games such as Tom Clancy's Ghpst Recon: Shadow Wars in its shooting matter. Here are the list of controls for the shooter:



Playable Ranks

Blue Faction

Artwork Name Description
TBA Pistol-man A guy with good control of pistols.. anything better? Pistol-man welds two pistols, and can aim good with these pistols, as he is trained. Especially being on the blue team, Pistol-man is speedier than anyone else in the match with a top speed of 9:10!
TBA Grenader This dude can really blow up the tension! Grenader welds a bag full of grenades and dynamite and a grenade launcher top the list off. On the blue faction, the Grenader can swap to a melee attack with his muscles.
TBA Agent The agent may not be who the agent seems to be... hmmm. Agent welds a small musket along with a maker that he can use to change into an opposite teams character. As of being on the blue team, the agent can use a invisibility cloak anywhere the agent wants.

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