BlueYonder Blue Yonder is a Wii U first person shooter/real-time strategy game released in 2015, developed by PabloDePablo (tbc).



Blue Yonder is a hybrid between a first person shooter and a strategy game, with a heavy focus on cooperative play. A team of five players control Hunters, customizable avatars who can be tailored to a variety of playstyles, attempting to hold out against waves of enemies in a fort. Players can build on top of their base too, making additions ranging from new rooms to functional pieces like weapon upgrade stations or sentries. However, building resources are finite, so builders must think wisely.


  • Story Mode: The game's story mode. Go through 12 missions and discover the truth behind the Age of Collapse.
  • Training: Hone your skills alone or with local players.
  • Matchmaking: Take the fight online in a variety of modes.
    • Holdout: Fight 10 waves of enemies while expanding your fortress - basic gameplay.
    • Grudge Match: Two teams of five compete, with enemies between them.
    • Standing Ground: Be careful: death is permanent in this 5-wave Holdout.


Mission 1: Lazulis

Mission 2: Rozein


Name Description Base type
Badlands Set on the desert world of Valinor Major, one part of a world split in two during the Age of Collapse.

A large map designed for long-term battles, the rocky terrain makes for an interesting battle, with Dunecrawlers and Scorchers being amongst the desert creatures charging for the few entrances into the base.

Being a large map, the base on Badlands is fairly large on start, though lacking in function. It starts as a rectangle and has ample room to build upwards and little to build outwards on the ground.
Strider Set on Lazulis, a planet with constant rough seas, little land, and several valuable resources below the waves.

A medium map, Strider is designed with Grudge Match in mind, featuring two mining stations with bases connected by a bridge. Sea creatures will rise and attack, some even crawling up to attack on land.

Small ×2
Strider is uniquely designed, featuring two small bases across from each other due to being designed for Grudge Match. Both have little space at first but their hexagonical shape allows for a lot of building potential.


Name Description Resource yield


Name Description Buffs and debuffs Unlock method
Basic Issued to all new Hunters as a starting armor and manufactured in-house by the Hunter Project Foundation. It has no real perks nor flaws, and despite being rather basic, many Hunters cite it as easy to use and keep it on. no buffs or debuffs Unlocked by default
Scout Developed by Pinnacle Armory as part of the initial collection of Hunter armor in 2647. It has light armor plating and utilizes a dense yet flexible fabric as additional padding, allowing for quick movement with reasonable durability. + movement speed increased+ reload speed increased slightly

- defense decreased

Unlocked by default
Hardhat Initially designed as a construction hardsuit by Valinor Industrial and redesigned by the Hunter Program Foundation. Living up to its name, Hardhat armor is famous for durability and reliability, and is extremely utilitarian. + defense increased sharply+ fortification speed increased slightly

- movement speed decreased sharply

Unlocked by default
Maverick Created by the United Terran Police as a combination of standard issue UTP gear with Hunter armor. Maverick is an experimental armor, with the intent of helping former officers familiarize themselves with Hunter tech. + sidearm-type damage increased+ movement speed increased

- melee-type damage decreased

Unlocked by default
Swordsman One of Valinor Industrial's final designs before the war tore apart Valinor. Created to compliment melee weaponry with unique stabilizer placement, it intentionally resembles tge armor of medieval knights. + melee-type damage increased sharply+ movement speed increased slightly

- rifle-type damage decreased sharply

Unlocked by default


Name Description Weapon type
Battle Rifle A standard issue battle rifle that's well-rounded for medium/long-range combat, and signature Hunter weapon of choice. Easy to pick up yet hard to master. Rifle
Sniper Rifle A simple yet effective sniper rifle. Perfect for long-range sharpshooters, but lacking in close range effectiveness. It can even zoom in twice. Rifle
Paladin LMG A powerful light machine gun that utilizes hardlight ammo. Due to its high rate of fire and low damage per bullet, it's best up close and personal. Close Range
Ol' Shots McGee A shotgun model infamous for having been in use for an absurdly long time. There's a reason it stuck around so long - raw power at extremely close ranges. Close Range
Sweet Dream The Sweet Dream is a newer addition to standard Hunter arsenals, but a solid one. It deals no damage but tranquilizes enemies allowing for capture or dispatchment. Sidearm
Preacher Autopistol A companion weapon to the Paladin, using the same hardlight technology. It follows the same design philosophy - high rate of fire with low individual damage. Sidearm


Name Description Function

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