Blue Wings
Blue yoshi wings by yoshigo99-d5182fe
Full Name Blue Wings
Gender Female
Species Yoshi
Location Peach Castle (former)

Yoshi's Island

Family and Relations
Yoshi. Thunderfoot, Chief Yoshi
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos

Blue Wings is a minor character who appears in Mario & Luigi: Clash of Chaos. She is the Yoshi of Princess Peach, although she is rarely used by her and thus resides on Yoshi's Island. She can be seen in Yoshi's Village on the island and you can talk with her. She also tells she still is loyal to her princess. Her notable feature is that she is the only Yoshi to have wings without having a power-up. She was one of the Yoshi's who helped Mario and Luigi in stopping Kamek from destroying the island.