A Blue Super Star.

The Blue Super Star is a rarer variant of the normal Super Star.

Ways It's Better Than The Super Star

  • The invincibility granted by this power-up protects the user from EVERYTHING. Bottomless pits and a ceiling that can crush you? Hazardous liquids? No problemo.
  • While dashing, enemies a specific distance away from you will become paralyzed for 5 seconds. Enemies in mid-air will stay in mid-air while paralyzed.
  • Pressing the dash button in the air will make you shoot an iceball, regardless of whether or not you could to begin with.
  • Defeating an emeny while under the effects of the Blue Super Star will add 7 seconds to the countdown timer.

Ways It's Worse Than The Super Star

  • The Blue Super Star bounces around in a more evasive manner than the normal Super Star.
  • Lasts 7 seconds instead of 10.
  • The music doesn't speed up. No warning for when it's about to run out!
  • You know how the Super Star lasts a little bit longer after its theme stops? Not the case with the Blue Super Star.


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