Blue Soup vs The Fantendoverse is a game to be released in late 2016 for the PC. It’s a 2-D platforming beat-em up featuring Blue Soup against the jokes and gags of The Fantendoverse, both old and new. It was developed by Randomfrog and CrunchyTommy.


Two unknown, unlegendary beings were fighting on a hillside in the middle of nowhere. Blue Soup, an Elmo look-a-like meant to be the equivalent to Unten in every way, and Red Soup, his doppleganger wielding cardboard armor and a flamethrower. They were interrupted in their battle however, when The Turtle Overlord came! 

"I'm secretly corrupting the Fantendoverse, and you are the only ones who can stop it!" said The Turtle Overlord.

"Yeah. Okay. Why? I mean, couldn't you get somebody else?" remarked Red Soup.

"It's because your weak, miserable, and suck at fighting. I will take over the world!" she yelled.

"Haha, I get it, it seems like a generic story but it's actually a joke about that time when Eli-" Blue Soup couldn't finish his sentence, as The Turtle Overlord used magic to bring them far away from where she was. On top of it all, the two were seperated! Now Blue Soup and Red Soup had to both work their way back to the Turtle Overlord, and save the Fantendoverse.

Top notch story, like most joke articles.


The gameplay of Blue Soup vs The Fantendoverse is rather simple. You alternate between playing as Blue Soup, an Elmo recolor originally meant to be a rival to Unten, and Red Soup, his sworn rival. You fight enemies with your fists, lightning powers and flamethrower arm. The main goal is to get to the end of level, and if there is one, fight the boss.


Recolor Plains

The first world for Blue Soup. A grassy plain filled with enemies that are just weak, unoriginal recolors of enemies from Nintendo games. The midboss is Gasparo’s Ghost, and the world boss is Super Sayin Mario.

Wall of Shame

The first world for Red Soup. A large stone wall filled with enemies originating from articles with the Wall of Shame category. The midboss is Newspaper Dedede, and the world boss is Satan!Pablo.

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