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Blue Kirby is one of the main antagonosts in The Air Ride Series.



Blue Kirby always decides to take a Hydra Piece from White Kirby, which pisses off White Kirby. White Kirby then quick spin attacks Blue for the piece, and kills his star. Blue Kirby's best friend is Yellow Kirby.

Unlike Yellow, who swoops in and takes a Patch from the others, Blue keeps his approch to the Red Box containing the piece hidden. Blue knows which locations have pieces in red boxes. (Though in Comic 9, Check Everywhere, Blue does not seem to know the pieces are in the Garden of the Sky.)


Yellow Kirby

Shadow Star (Though the Shadow Star hates him the most out of every Kirby)


Red Kirby

Green Kirby

Purple Kirby

Brown Kirby

Pink Kirby


Dyna Blade


White Kirby

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Blue Kirby

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