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Blue Goomba
Species Origin Goombas
Rarity Rare
Average Behavior Acting like Koins except it can move
Habitat(s) Mask Factory
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Blue Goombas are enemies that first appeared in Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, it acts like a Goomba and a Koin.


They behave like Koins, using their masks to block Mario's attacks, when Mario is near them, they begin using their masks, They behave like Goombas.


They are blue Goombas with a Shy Guy belt and a mask.

Game Appearance

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

They only appear in a level called Mask Factory, they use their masks to defend themselves from attacks, being hit by fireball will burn the mask, they act like Goombas and Koins.


  • If you look closely at the belt, it says "Belt made by Nintendo", a reference to Nintendo.

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