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Blue Brawlers
The game's boxart
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo Microsoft
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Fandraxo, Wii U and Xbox One
Genre(s) Fighting, Umbrella
Campaign Mode, CPU-Match, Multiplayer Mode
Storage Needed 3DS: 3GB Wii U: 10GB Fandraxono: 13GB Xbox One: 20GB

Blue Brawlers is fighting umbrella game released for the Wii U, 3DS, Xbox One and Fandraxo. As the name implies, the game only feature blue characters as playables and assists, with blue stages, as well. The game is rated PEGI 12 and ESRB Teen.




The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros. Series, where you have to fight ro unlock more and more stuff (characters, places). The game's gameplay has different features as to Super Smash Bros., though. You can use many different random moves on one control.

The player(s) can use different characters aswell, but some people just stick with some character(s). At the end of the match they will ask if you want a replay, the replay will end up having you in the back ground, just a shadow though.

The places are where you battle. Abit like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is abit of a sidescrolling area. You can use items that are in the place (skateboards, swords etc.) that will sometimes help you out. You also have 10 lives, for example, a Final Smash would make the opponent lose 5 lives.


Wii U

Move/Run: 16px-Def Stick.svg

Attacks: D-PadWiiU

Jump: AbuttonWiiU


Xbox One


Playable Characters

Starting Characters

Artwork Name Description Series
Sonic MSRH Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic speeds in! The blue furry hedgehog who gotta go fast is in for the action in this new series as a main playable. He can use his speeds to knockdown rivals in his path. Sonic the Hedgehog
Megaman the Awesome Mega Man Mega Man shoots through the field! This cool, ball shooting robot is back from Smash Bros. to join this crazy series as a second main playable. He can swap through variations of robot master powers to smash through his brawling rivals. MegaMan
PrincessRosalina Rosalina Rosalina comets out of no-where! A galactic princess from the wonders of the Super Mario Galaxy series' worlds shoots out to come to this new wonderful series as a playable character. She can use her wand to gravitationally pull her rivalry-brawlers around the stage! Super Mario
Classic Ludwig von Koopa (NSMBWii Style) Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa steps up his game! The canon koopaling from Super Mario Bros. is here to show you he can not only race and guard.. but can fight! He uses his magic wand to magically teleport rivals to his foot and use his regular ride punches and attacks. Super Mario
SMG BlueLuma Blue Luma Blue Luma flys into action! The star from Super Mario Galaxy is back!... to fight alone. It can use its same attacks as in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, but by itself without any of Rosalina's help! Super Mario
Kamek Suprised Kamek Koopa Kamek Koopa swoops in! The blue, hooded wizard koopa is in to brawl for them all in this new series. He can use his broom to fly around the stage, especially when dodging. I bet you didn't expect him, did you? Super Mario
CookieMonster Cookie Monster Cookie Monster eats through! From a TV series for kids now to fighting field, this blue puppet can use cookie dough and cookie crumbles to attack.. but how can he not contain the cookie slap? Sesame Street
Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat) Sub-Zero Sub-Zero Kombats in! Out of the old series that is Mortal Kombat, he joins the brawl to melee and smash with over 64 others! Mortal Kombat
Finnthehuman Finn the Human Finn slashes through! From the Cartoon Network TV show, Adventure Time, comes the human with the green backpack. Finn can use his golden sword to slash his foes and save his allys. Adventure Time
JagoKI Jago Jago fights in! The blue and black warrior from the 2013 version of the very famous Killer Instinct. He can use his most regular moves from Killer Instinct, along with something new we have got planned... Killer Instinct
Bobbybubblebobble Bob Bob bubbles to fight! This blue dinosaur from the original NES game, Bubble Bobble, is back from the 80s to get smashing with his foes. It can blow bubbles, bounce on them and trap its enemies inside them bubbles. Bubble Bobble
MrFantastic Mr. Fantastic Mr Fantastic stretches in! From the fictional super hero team that is Fantastic Four comes Mr. Fantastic, the stretchiest of the group. He can attack by surrounding them with his stretchy body. Fantastic Four
Stitch Stitch Stitch Aliens in! Stitch, the furry, rat like animal from outer-space with his friend aliens. He is an alien.. i forgot. Anyway, he uses his hoverboard to get round the map quicker, also if crashing into a foe, they will get hurt. Lilo and Stitch
Meta Knight Meta Knight Meta Knight spins through! Meta Knight the mysterious masked popopo attacks differently to the rest. He has a spiked sword that is good for attacking when he twist/spins through the air. Kirby
Lucina Lucina Lucina slashes in! Lucina the character from Fire Emblem is here! She can use attacks far beyond these, but hold on; She can use a sword upper-cut, lower-cut, side slash, diagonal slash andddd thats all I can mention. Fire Emblem
Cradles-Bubbles-powerpuff-girls-24270680-355-324 Bubbles Bubbles flys through! Bubbles is the out-of-the-ordinary PowerPuff Girl. She is shy, and has a high toned voice. She can attack simply by flying right into her foes, or shooting lasers out of her hands. Not too OP. The Powerpuff Girls
Bluemangroup Blue Man Group The Blue Man Group dubstep in! Urm.. I guess after much demand.. they're in? Well, they can attack by.. djing and then they get deathened or something.. I really don't know. Anyway, this should.. help everyone. Blue Man Group
Sully Sully Sully scares you! Sully, the hairy, purple patched monster comes into battle. He can, obviously, punch, y'know, hit, and shove people out the way.. it counts as an attack.. what of it? Monsters Inc.
Cinderella Cinderella Cinderella scrubs in! Cinderelle (a combination of cinder and Ella) is here too.. I guess.. ruin your childhood? Anyway, her attacks are, different. I don't really know what to say... Cinderella
Merryweather Merryweather Merryweather strikes in! TBA Sleeping Beauty
GroverTrasparentSamSt Grover TBA (I don't think I'll get these done rip) Muppets

Unlockable Characters

These characters have to be unlocked in a specific pattern, some being difficult and confusing.

Artwork Name Description Series How to Unlock
MEGAMANX Mega Man X Mega Man X jumps through! This 2nd alter of Megaman by Dr. Light joins the thrilling battle that is of the blue ones. He can use nearly everything he uses in the famous game Mega Man X its self. Mega Man Win 20 battles with Mega Man.
Megamanexe Megaman.exe TBA Mega Man Win 30 battles with Mega Man.
HW Sheik Shiek TBA The Legend of Zelda Have at least one character unlocked, completed Chapter One of story mode with Rosalina.
Bloo Foster's Bloo TBA Foster's House of Imaginary Friends Use Finn the Human to K.O. characters 25 times in one match.


These characters have their whole different roster to the rest of the characters. All will be already unlocked.



Item Description Series
Blue emerald Runners
Blue Chaos Emerald
This item from Sonic Runners makes your character ''super'', as in making your character more powerful. Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
Life Energy
Helps your character gain health by 50%, half of a full amount of health. MegaMan
Navi portal icon
Tells your character good tips and tricks in battle. The Legend of Zelda
Blue Spiked Shell
Detects the nearest player and blows them up with a big blue explosion. Super Mario






  • The game will have many other sequels, with different types of colours all around!



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