Blue-Candy Sky is the seventh world of Super Mario World U. It is a sky-themed worlds, it consists of 12 levels, and two Mushroom Houses. They enemy course in Blue-Candy Sky is Lakitu. The boss of the fortress is Lakithunder and the boss of the castle is Ludwig von Koopa. The next world after defeating the castle is Bowser's Domain.


Blue-Candy Sky-1 Beanstalk Ascent

SMWU Blue-Candy Sky-1

Beanstalk Ascent is a level that actually starts in the mountains of Canyon Cliffs. The player climbs up a giant Beanstalk similar to Skyward Stalk from New Super Mario Bros. U. There are many Waddlewings and Shy Guys throughout the level.

Blue-Candy Sky-6 Mushroom Valley


Blue-Candy Sky-7 Hilltop Heights

Blue-Candy Sky-Castle Ludwig's Electrified Castle

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