Gender Male
Species Panda (mutated)
Class Gunslinger
Main Weapon(s) Bamboom
First Appearance Fantendo - Misfits
Blubranch is a gunslinging mutated Panda who was cooked up in the same lab Firball was in. He tries to help out whenever he can, but sometimes ends up causing even more of a problem. He also tries to act 'cool' alot, usually acting weird when trying.


Before Blubranch was mutated, he lived a happy life with all his panda friends. Though panic had stricken throughout the bamboo forest as a large group of pandas were abducted, taken to a lab, tested, and mutated, creating the species of Mutant Pandas Blubranch is. They were placed in an artificial forest with fake bamboo, and they were generally depressed. Though, when the breakout happened, a large group of mutant pandas rampaged throughout the lab. All were gunned down but Blubranch, who had been shot in the leg and dragged himself far from the lab. From there he had discovered the wonders of guns, and began to learn the arts of gunslinging.


Fantendo - Misfits

Blubranch is set to appear in Misfits.