Blossom City Stadium is a new stage in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from the Wonderful 101 game. This stage is where all Wonder Encounters are experienced. Wonder Red players must hold the down taunt two seconds for the special animation. The animation happens quickly and jumps into the Encounter talks when the animation is finished. 

Stage Layout

This stadium does not allow for walk offs or easy horizontal KO's. The stadium allows for a possible horizontal aerial KO's.The best KO's to deliver are the air based ones. There are two platforms on each side of the stadium and the higher placed platform is closer to the center than the lower one. The platforms are spaced as to give each fighter a chance to get on them, but they are not high enough for easy aerial KO's.


This stage comes from a restored variant of the Blossom City Stadium in the first mission. This stage would take place after the events of game. It has all the benches, the baseball field aspects, and even the scoreboard. They are all fixed. 


Music Selection
Remix? Title Arranger Composer Description
No Jergingha's Planet Destruction Form Original Rei Kondoh Final Boss theme
No Tables Turn Original Hiroshi Yamaguchi Plays during the boss fights
No ST01: Roll Out, Wonderful 100! Original Hiroshi Yamaguchi Plays in Blossom City
Yes Action! Michiru Yamane Norihiko Hibino A speedier rock styled track
Yes Red vs. Blue Masato Kohda Akira Takizawa A faster rock take on Wonder Red's fight with Wonder Blue
Yes ST05-1 Orgretoe Jungle Masato Kohda Hitomi Kurokawa Has a more jungle-esque sound to it
Yes The Meizerr Attacks! Masato Kohda Rei Kondoh A more dramatic re-orchestrated version of the track


  • The stage's scoreboard in the background will display "Home Run!" when someone gets KO'ed by the Home Run Bat.
  • The scoreboard will also encourage players to go to the Smash Museum hall for the Wonderful 101.

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