This page is for Blossom in the game, Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U . Please do not edit this page.

Character DescriptionEdit

Blossom is a cartoon character who first appeared in Craig McCracken's series, The Powerpuff Girls. Blossom floats on stage and is very speedy and powerful, but has high knockback due to her size. Being a superhero, Blossom fights her foes using a variety of superpowers modled after those seen in the actual series.



Blossom, as she appears in Cartoon Fighters.

Blossom's Attacks:

Standard Special Laser Vision
Side Special Powerpuff Punch
Up Special Flight
Down Special Ice Breath
Final Smash

Powerpuff Finale

Moveset DescriptionEdit

Standard B: Laser Vision

Blossom shoots powerful rays of red light at her opponents, which deals a total of 7% damage upon them.

Side B: Powerpuff Punch

Blossom does a series of quick jabs to her foes, dealing 4% damage onto with each punch receive.

Up B: Flight

A pink ray of light appears under Blossom as she is able to fly for five seconds. No damage is dealt in this attack.

Down B: Ice Breath

Blossom breathes a layer of ice onto the ground, making parts of the arena slippery. If an opponent is caught within the attack, they will receive 9% damage and become frozen in their tracks.

Final Smash: Powerpuff Finale

Blossom calls in Bubbles and Buttercup onto the arena. The girls then do a series of quick aerial attacks to their foes. Any fighter that finds themselves in the middle of this powerful attack can accumulate up to 3%-150% damage.

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