I have a family to feed!
Blooperman, Mariotale

Blooperman is a character who appears in the Mario series. He appears to be a light-blue colored Blooper with a humanoid body and tentacles rather than arms and legs. He has a wife and two kids who he struggles to provide for.

Physical Appearance

Blooperman has light blue skin, unlike other Bloopers who lack any sort of pigment. He wears a checkered suit from World 7 Fashions, and is often seen carrying a briefcase around.



In Mariotale, Blooperman appears as a one-time encounter in the third world, Soda Falls. He appears very agitated and afraid of Mario. To spare Blooperman, the player must find some way to calm him down. In the best epilogue of the game, he has quit his job and become a popular male model.

Much like Shyren in the original Undertale, Blooperman is only encountered once.


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