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Blooper 2 is a Blooper with a 2 on his forehead. He is one of your partners in Paper Kammy.


Blooper 2 will be found as a partner on world 3.

Name Power
Blooper 2

Squirt Ink


Laser Beam

The Power of 2


If you use squirt ink, it blinds the enemies in battle, and the enemy can't attack after that. The effect lasts 3 turns. Another attack, Tickle, does 6 damage to the opponet. For Laser Beam, you will need 2 FP. Laser Beam does 3 damage. It will increase by 3 the amount of times you use it. The Power of 2 is an attack when you both get to attack. You need 2 FP and it does 7 damage.

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