Bloons Tower Defense 5
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Q1 2014



Special Missions

Daily Challenge


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Tower Defense


Media Included Disc

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a game by SuicuneRider15.


Like most Tower Defense games, there is an entrance and an exit for enemies, and the goal is to stop them from getting to the exit. The enemies in this game are known as Bloons, which resemble Balloons heavily. There are special types of Bloons as well. There are Regen bloons, which are a heart shaped version, and as the name suggests, if you don't pop all the layers in time, then it will regenerate to it's original layer. Then there are Camo bloons, which can only be detected by special towers. All towers, except for Ninja Monkey, can't detect them without upgrades or other special conditions. Then there are M.O.A.B.-class bloons, which are very hard to take down, and resemble Blimps instead of Balloons.


Prices shown are in Normal difficulty. In Easy mode, all towers and upgrades cost 75$ of the original price. In Hard mode, they cost 130%. You must choose if you want path A or B for upgrade 3 and 4, as they are special. The first upgrade on both paths is default, but the others must be unlocked, which will be permanent.

There are also 3 road towers: Road Spikes $30 (Pops up to 11 bloons), Pineapple Bomb $45 (Explodes 3 seconds after being put), and Monkey Glue $40 (Slows down up to 5 bloons).

Tower Description Upgrade 1A Upgrade 1B Upgrade 2A Upgrade 2B Upgrade 3A Upgrade 3B Upgrade 4A Upgrade 4B How To Unlock Tower
Dart Monkey


A basic tower. Throws darts that pop 1 Bloon layer.



Pierce Darts - Pops 2 Layers instead of One.



Long Range - Increases range.


Pop 50 Bloon Layers with only 25 darts

Razor Darts - Pops 3 Layers instead of 2.


Pop 20 bloons outside of default range

Super Sight - Increases range further and allows detection of Camo bloons.


Pop 100 Bloons

Spike-o-pult - The Dart Monkey becomes a Spike-O-Pult, having a catapult that throws spikes.


Pop 75 bloon layers with only 25 darts

Trio Dart - Throws 3 darts instead of 1.


Pop 135 Bloons with Spike-O-Pult

Juggernaut - Throws more spike and pops more bloons.


Super Monkey Fan Club - Once bought, you can activate this effect whenever. All nearby Dart Monkeys (Up to 10) become Super Monkeys for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 seconds.


Story Mode: Default

Tack Shooter


Shoots tacks that go in 8 directions to pop Bloons.


Story Mode: Default

Frost Monkey


Releases cold waves that slow down bloons within range. Occasionally releases larger ones that freeze them.


Story Mode: Default

Boomerang Monkey


Throws boomerangs that hits 5 bloons then comes back.


Multi-Target - Can hit 7 bloons instead of 5.


Sonic Boom - Allows the Boomerang to pop frozen bloons.


Glaive Thrower - Replaces the Boomerang with a Glaives, which are sharper, and more poptastic.


Red Hot 'Rangs - The Red Hot Boomerang can melt throw Lead bloons, and pop an extra bloon when thrown.


Glaive Riccochet - The Glaive always bounces off bloons as long as there is one nearby.


Bionic Boomer - The Boomerang thrower replaces it's arm with a robotic one, allowing it to throw faster, farther, and pop more bloons.


Glaive Lord - Multiple glaives spin around the Glaive Lord, which can easily pop bloons that pass by it.


Overdrive - The bionic boomer can throw boomerangs 20 times as fast for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 seconds.


Story Mode: Default

Ninja Monkey


A stealth tower, can detect Camo Bloons and rapidly throws shurikens.

Pop 125 Camo Bloons

Story Mode: Default

Monkey Apprentice


A trainee in magic, this monkey can pop many bloons with a blast attack, which pops up to 3 bloons. The more you upgrade one, the more spells it learns which they can use.


Bigger Blasts - Increases the power of the blast attack, allowing it to pop 5 bloons and gives more range.


Flamethrower - The Monkey Apprentice adds a powerful fire attack to it's arsenal.


Blast 25 bloons with 5 blasts

Thunder Bolt - The apprentice gains a thunderbolt attack, that hits a random and large area.


Pop 50 Camo Bloons

Monkey Sense - Allows the Apprentice to detect Camo Bloons, and grants detection to nearby towers.


Pop 75 bloons with Thunder

Tempest Tornado - Summons a Whirlwind that can blow back bloons.


Burn 75 bloons.

Dragon's Breath - Constantly breathes fire on bloons that can quickly pop a large group.


Summon Pegasus - Gain the ability to summon a pegasus with a horn that is used as a lightning rod, which in turn is used to zap bloons for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 minute


Summon Ifrit - Gain the ability to summonn a powerful ifrit that burns bloons for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 minute

Pop 85 Bloons with explosives

Story Mode: Default

Monkey Ace


This monkey flies in an airplane that shoots darts in 8 directions every 3 seconds. Can fly in an 8, ∞, or an O.

Pop 130 bloons with explosives.

Story Mode: Clear the The Rink track.



Shoots bombs at bloons.

Pop 65 Bloons with explosives.

Story Mode: Default

Monkey Buccaneer


This monkey pirate can only be placed in spots that are water. Shoots darts out of cannons.

Clear 15 rounds on the Archipelago track.

Story Mode: Clear the Park Path track.

Archer Monkey


This monkey can shoot much farther than other monkeys, but it takes some time to attack.


Shiny Point Arrows - Allows the Archer Monkey to pop 2 layers of a bloon!


Slim Feather - Allows the Archer Monkey to pop 2 bloons!


Razor Arrows - Allows the Archer Monkey to pop 3 layers of bloon instead of two!


Metal Blur - Allows the Archer Monkey's arrows to pop 3 bloons and shoot faster!


Triple Shot - The Archer Monkey will occasionally shoot 3 arrows instead of 1!


Bloons-Seeking Arrow - Arrows automatically seek for the nearest bloon.


Thousand Arrows - This special ability hit's all bloons on the screen 3 times!

Cooldown: 45 seconds.


Missile Arrow - Pops up to 10 bloons at once!

Clear Chip Town in Story Mode

Story Mode: Clear Chip Town.

Monkey Knight


This monkey has low range, but can pop 6 bloons with a sword!


Dual-Wield - The Monkey Knight gets a lance that allows it to pop 5 more bloons with more range for the lance!


Greatsword - Increases the range of the sword!


Sharper Lance - The Lance pops 7 bloons instead of 5!


Shaper Sword - The Sword pops 8 bloons instead of 6!


Javelin - The Lance now has much more range!


Spin Slash - The Monkey Knight will do a spinning attack when there are many bloons nearby, popping up to 16 with the sword!

Pop 125 Lead Bloons with sharp objects

Bloons Types

Name Red Bloon Equivalent Description
Red Bloon RBE: 1 The basic bloon, it goes out in one hit from anything.
Blue Bloon RBE: 2 Another basic bloon, when popped, a Red Bloon comes out. It is also faster than a Red Bloon.
Green Bloon RBE: 3 This is faster than a blue bloon, and it contains one when popped.
Yellow Bloon RBE: 4 A very fast bloon, it can be dangerous without a good defense. Contains 1 Green Bloon.
Pink Bloon RBE: 5 The fastest bloon in the game, it's very dangerous in large groups. Contains 1 Yellow Bloon.
White Bloon RBE: 11 It's as fast as a Green Bloon, but it is immune to being frozen. It is also small, but somehow contains 2 Pink bloons.
Black Bloon RBE: 11 The "twin" of the White Bloon, it is the same but is immune to explosions instead of being frozen.
Zebra Bloon RBE: 23 It contains both a White and Black Bloon, is as fast as a Yellow Bloon, and is immune to both being Frozen and Explosions. Very dangerous.
Lead Bloon RBE: 23 It is immune to sharp objects, and can only be popped with special powerups or explosives. Ironically, it contains 2 Black Bloons, which are immune to the Lead bloons main weakness. They are almost as slow as a M.O.A.B..
Rainbow Bloon RBE: 47 They're pretty fast, pretty mean, and pretty pretty. They are rainbows after all. They contain two Zebra bloons.
Ceramic Bloon RBE: 52 These are basically Rainbow Bloons with a protective shell over them, which is broken with 5 attacks.
M.O.A.B. RBE: 283 This is a M.O.A.B., which stands for Massive Ornery Air Blimp, not Mother Of All Bloons. Either way, it brings pain. Contains 4 Ceramic Bloons. It is also very slow.
B.F.B. RBE: 1257 This is a B.F.B., a Brutal Flying Behemoth. It is very powerful, and contains 4 M.O.A.B.s. It is slower than a M.O.A.B. as well.
Z.O.M.G. RBE: 5528 The Z.O.M.G., the Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargauntuanness. It contains 4 B.F.B.s. On the bright side, it's the slowest bloon, even slower that a B.F.B..

Story Mode

In Story Mode, the Bloons have taken over most of the monkey's land, and it is up to you to fight back. In normal mode, you have to go through 15 rounds of 13 tracks (Making a total of 195 rounds), on easy it's 10 rounds on 10 tracks (100 rounds), and on hard it's 20 rounds on 15 tracks (300 rounds). You can get up to 5 monkeys during each track on normal, 7 on easy, and 3 on hard. After popping 1,000 bloons (Plus 250 for every upgrade), that tower automatically can get upgraded (This feature is only in story mode). Upgrades do not need to be unlocked for Story Mode.

Track # Easy Normal Hard
1 Lily Lake Lily Lake Lily Lake
2 Park Path Park Path Park Path
3 Mono City Archipelago Abandoned Ship
4 Florescent Forest Chip Town Archipelago
5 Jungle Mono City Chip Town
6 Secret Bloon Hideout Flower Fields Mono City
7 The Rink Florescent Forest Flower Fields
8 Mount Magma Jungle Florescent Forest
9 Underground Tunnel Secret Bloon Hideout Jungle
10 Bloon Generator The Rink Secret Bloon Hideout
11 N/A Mount Magma The Rink
12 N/A Underground Tunnel Frozen Fray
13 N/A Bloon Generator Mountain Path
14 N/A N/A Underground Tunnel
15 N/A N/A Bloon Generator