Bloons Tower Defense: Wii is a game in the Bloons series. It's the first not to be created by NinjaKiwi and the first not to be an online game.


  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Sandbox
  • Apocalypse
  • Deflation


  • Tracks of Light
    • Sun Star : Intermediate
    • Cloud at Sunset: Intermediate
  • Tracks of Darkness
    • Night Trail: Beginner
    • Night Mine: Advanced
  • Tracks of Hell
    • Lava Park: Advanced
    • Magma and Death: Expert
  • Tracks of Heaven
    • Heaven Mansion: Intermediate
    • Treaty Tree: Advanced
  • Tracks of Earth
    • Monkey Beach: Beginner
    • Monkey Farmland: Expert
  • Tracks of Death
    • Acre Graveyard: Expert
    • Scythe Trail: Beginner
  • Tracks from the Past
    • Ocean Road: Beginner
    • Tech Industry: Advanced


Bloons Tower Defence: Wii
Developer Flame Games Logo
Publisher Flame Games Logo
Released TBA
Genre Tower Defence
Modes Easy
Ratings TBA
Platforms Wii Logo
Media Wii Disc
Input Wiimote
Music By TBA
Number of Players 1
Games Series Bloons
Image Name RBE (Red Bloon Equivalent)
Red Bloon 1
Blue Bloon 2
Green Bloon 3
Yellow Bloon 4
Pink Bloon 5
Black Bloon (Immune to bombs) 11
White Bloon (Immune to freeze) 11
Rainbow Bloon 47
Lead Bloon (Immune to anything sharp) 23
Camo Bloon 11
Ceramic (Brown) Bloon (Each of them produce 2 Rainbow Bloons) 103
Zebra Bloon (Immune to bombs and freeze) 23
Massive Ornary Air Blimp (M.O.A.B.) (Each of them produce 1 Sun God) 613
Brutal Floating Behemoth (B.F.B.) (Each of them produce 2 Sun Gods) 2884

Stuff to Buy

Image Name Cost (Medium) Upgrades
Dart Monkey 200 Long range darts<Even long range darts<Spike-o-pult<Triple shot
Tack Shooter 360 Fast shooting<Long range tacks<Blade shooter<Ring of fire
Boomerang Thrower 400 Multi-target<Long range<Glaive thrower<Lightsabre thrower
Bomb Tower (Cannon) 700 Long range bombs<Even long range bombs<Missile lancher<MOAB mauler
Ice Tower 380
Mortar Tower 825
Monkey Ace 900
Monkey Buccaneer 600
Monkey Apprentice 550
Super Monkey 4000 Super range<Laser vision<Plasma vision<Sun God
Glue Gunner 300
Monkey Beacon 1000
Banana Farm 1000
Monkey Glue 10
Road-Spikes 30
Pineapple 25

Dartling Gun


Spike Factory 700



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