Bloons 3 is the third instalment of the main Bloons series, taking place after Bloons 2. It has the same exact gameplay physics as Bloons 2, but a lot of thought was put into these new and challenging levels. it also introduces the Purple, Brown, Zebra, and Giraffe Bloons from the Tower Defenses, and the new Duo Dart and Duorang Bloons.



  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Brown


  • Bonus Dart- Gives an extra dart
  • Duo Dart- Gives you an extra chance to throw 2 darts at once (V-formation)
  • Triple Dart- Gives you an extra chance to throw 3 darts at once (W-Formation)
  • Tack- Launches 8 tacks in the basic 8 directions
  • Boomerang- Gives you an extra chance to throw a Boomerang (Travels in a U, comparative to the direction/strength you threw it)
  • Duorang- Gives you an extra chance to throw two Boomerangs at once
  • Ace- Gives you an extra chance to direct a Monkey Ace in a straight line to pop Bloons
  • Bomb- Explodes, popping other Bloons or Ceramic Blocks in a given radius
  • Lightsaber- Sends out two lightsaber-beams to the left and right
  • Pacman- Gives you control over Pacman for 10 seconds, who eats/pops Bloons
  • Spikeball- Drops a Spikeball straight-down
  • Bee- Spawns 5 Bees that follow the mouse for 10 seconds or until they collide with a wall
  • Revers-Gravity- Causes everything to 'fall' upward (Darts, Spikeballs, etc.)


  • Black- Smaller and harder to hit
  • White- Smaller and harder to hit
  • Rainbow- Floats upward
  • Flowering- 6 Yellow; 1 Red
  • Zebra- 2 Black; 2 White
  • Giraffe- 4 Yellow; 2 Brown

Obstacles (Blocks)

  • Ceramic- Takes 1 hit to break
  • Lead- Can't be broken
  • Rubber- Causes Darts to bounce around


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